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A woman walks slowly into a restaurant. Everyone stares at her looking scared. She sits down at a table while everyone else rushes out. We see she is full of blood and that she has a gun on the table.

Olivia tries to interview Annabeth.

We go to court and Stone says this is a simple case -- Annabeth shot her husband in cold blood. Stone says she will claim to be abused but there's no proof of that.

Rollins worries that Benson won't testify. Fin doesn't care. Rollins seems to be the only one who thinks Annabeth should be punished. Carisi thinks the husband was a prick. Rollins disagrees. 

Benson shows up. Carisi admits he doesn't feel good about the case. He thinks there are mitigating circumstances. Rollins thinks the guy was a cop, his wife is a killer. Case closed. Rollins thinks they shouldn't read between the lines.

On the stand, Fin says that he never heard that Annabeth was raped.

The meeting room is too hot. Carisi is still convinced that Annabeth had no choice. Rollins is convinced there was no imminent danger and that Carisi wants Liv to perjure herself. Carisi is bothered that they have the power to decide who goes to jail. 

The yelling escalates. Carisi tells a story about a domestic disturbance call he once got. He couldn't do anything because there was no sign of physical violence. The next time he was called out the woman was dead. He is upset. He gets called for testimony just then.

Carisi testifies that he went to the residence. Stone asks if there were signs of a fight. Carisi says it was impossible to tell. The defendant could have cleaned up before she left. Stone says that's not what he asked. Were there signs of a fight or not? Carisi says no.

Rollins tells Benson she loves and respects her, but she thinks she sees victims where there aren't any. Liv thinks Rollins' perception is colored by the fact that her dad beat her mom. Rollins says her mom could have left and didn't. She says her mom had to be a martyr. Benson says Rollins' dad made her like that. Rollins says you don't know! SHe was weak! She says she knows because she was the one waiting for her dad to come home even though she knew he beat her mom and was afraid she'd be weak like her mom. Benson suggests maybe it's time for her to come out from the shadows.

Carisi testifies on cross that it's possible the defendant was in shock even before she shot the gun. She might have gone into survival mode. He also admits the TV was on when he came in but volume was muted. Defense says they might have been talking. Carisi says it's possible Tommy threatened her. The judge breaks for lunch. Stone looks mad. Defense gloats. He confronts Benson. He's mad that Carisi tanked his case and blames her for it. 

Rollins asks Benson what's the problem? Just do what Carisi says. Benson says what if she's wrong? If she testifies truthfully, this woman goes to prison for a long time even though she believes the woman had no choice, felt totally powerless. And what about the gun? Why was it out? She says Annabeth saw it all the time. Rollins disagrees. Benson says they both know he was telling her with that gun that he could kill her any minute. She tells Rollins she has no idea what utter terror is. She describes how it felt for her. Rollins tells her that she was sorry she lived through that. But Annabeth wasn't held hostage. Benson says Annabeth lived with the fear for six years. Benson wonders if they are all victims of the past. But the good news is she's only a rebuttal witness and is only used if needed. She doesn't know what she's going to do, but someone has to stand up for Annabeth.

Rollins is called to testify. The bailiff asks if he can have the donuts to take home to his wife. Benson thinks he's a good husband. He says it's easy. All it takes is love.

Rollins testifies that Annabeth didn't want a lawyer, confessed, and said that Annabeth stated she killed her husband because he didn't like her dinner.

Next we see Annabeth on the stand. The defense attorney shows her the gun. She says he cleaned it every night and kept it out where he could get to it. He said the gun was a part of him because he was a cop and seeing it made him feel strong and like a man.

The defense attorney puts the gun on the jury box.Stone objects.The judge says defense has made her point.She leaves it there while she asks Annabeth how she felt. Annabeth said that it made her feel  less than. She was scared Tommy would throw her dinner on the floor or accuse her of cheating on him. Defense asks if she ever told a friend what was happening? She says she used to have friends but Tommy got rid of them. Defense touches her shoulder and thanks her.

Stone asks if Tommy ever hit Annabeth. She eventually says no. She says they had sex lots of times when she didn't want to but she was too scared to say no. She never denied him sex. Stone says that is not rape. Defense objects. Annabeth says Tommy raped her from the moment she said I do.

Fin wants to know who ate his jelly donuts. Benson doesn't answer. She asks what's happening upstairs? He thinks Stone will have to call Benson. She doesn't know what to do. Fin says it's just another case. Benson tells him his BS doesn't fly with her. She asks him does he think Annabeth belongs in prison? He says half his friends from childhood are in prison and THEY don't think they belong in prison, but he can't judge. He tells her a story about going fishing. He caught a fish he loved but threw it back because anything that's willing to fight that hard to stay alive deserves to live. Benson says like Annabeth? So you're telling me to lie? Fin says that fish won't get hooked again. Benson is called to the stand. She looks around the room as she comes in. She is sworn in. Stone asks her for her name and asks if she interrogated the defendant. She tries to hedge when he asks about remorse. She says taken out of context her words can be reconstrued. Stone says you just swore to tell us the truth. Did she express remorse? Benson hesitates then finally says no. Annabeth looks shocked. Stone asks what did she say? Benson says she said she was glad her husband was dead and that she'd prayed about it for years. Annabeth looks upset as we fade to black...

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Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 14 Quotes

This is a very simple case. Annabeth Pearl is guilty of murder in the second degree.


And that's all you want to tell me? [Gets no answers] Okay. Then we are done here.