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A woman is meditating when she hears people yelling next door.

A girl is fighting with her dad when he won't give her her phone and throws glass at him. 

The cops are called. The father insists it's nothing. The girl wants her phone back. SVU is called in to check them out. Benson is about to interview the girl when the doctor calls her over. She tells Benson the girl is pregnant.

Carisi interviews Mr. Howard, who says he is the stepfather and a junkie father is running around somewhere. He says he did not hurt MacKenzie.

Mackenzie says her stepdad is hard to talk to. The baby's father doesn't care. She wants to run away as soon as Benson asks about the dad. She eventually says he was just some guy she met in Whole Foods. Doesn't know his name. She says she wanted to have sex. Benson and Rollins tell her it may be rape.

The cops talk to Mr. Howard. He says that Mackenzie is lying. The cops agree. She's covering for someone. MacKenzie has a fake Instagram account with photos.

A priest at the school says things like this don't happen here.He IDs two boys.

Logan, one of the boys, says Mackenzie is always touching you but he never did anything. The other boy says Mackenzie is the one who wants people to get close to her. She broke the rules by wearing perfume. He tried to kiss her but she never did. He suggests they talk to a drama teacher.

The teacher is questioned and says this is all gossip and he never touched Mackenzie. However he has a blue BMW. The cops make him go with them.

Dreyfus is questioned at the station. He says he will give a DNA sample.

Mr. Howard doesn't want to go through with the investigation because Mackenzie wants to keep the baby and he doesn't want the father involved.

Stone says usually there's a crime before they go to court. Benson wants to get a paternity test to find out if there was a rape. Stone will file the motion even though it might be a violation of her right to privacy.

Rollins doesn't like the idea of a court violating a kid's privacy. What if it was one of the kids? Why ruin his life too. Rollins asks Benson if she told the father before she had an abortion. Benson says she never said she had an abortion. Rollins doesn't appreciate that. Benson says it was a complicated story. Rollins says see, privacy. Mackenzie shows up and says she told her stepdad that it was Mr. Dreyfus and he got super mad. Benson realizes Howard might be going after Dreyfus. She runs to Dreyfus' apartment with Rollins. She finds Dreyfus on the floor and Howard sitting there with a bloody trophy. Dreyfus is dead. Howard says he didn't mean to.

Howard says he just snapped. He confronted Dreyfus, who told him to leave and wouldn't admit he raped Mackenzie. He pushed Howard. Howard pushed him ack and then... He saw the trophy, grabbed and swung. He felt guilty afterwards. His lawyer tells him to stop. Stone offers Man 2 - 2 years, 1 probation. The lawyer says no jury will convict.

Dreyfus' boyfriend comes to see Stone. He says Dreyfus was gay but not out. They were supposed to marry next summer. Family and friends knew Dreyfus was gay. He says the LGBTQ bowling league is where they met. Stone calls Benson.

Mackenzie blames herself. Benson tells her it's okay to be afraid, sad, etc. Mackenzie wants to stay at home with Howard anyway. She is making veal chops, Howard's favorite. She misses her mom. She doesn't want to talk. Benson asks her to explain about Mr. Dreyfus. Mackenzie calls her clueless. Benson asks her if Howard did this to her. Mackenzie denies it but lets slip she was lying.

Stone says Mackenzie is right. If Garrett didn't know she was lying it's a defense. Stone says they have to put Mackenzie on the stand to see if she's telling the truth.

Rollins testifies. On cross she admits Garrett didn't try to deny culpability.

The defense attorney objects to Mackenzie testifying and says he has proof that she is married to Garrett. The judge adjourns for today.

The girl was married at the age of 12. The marriage may be legal.She would need a consent of a relative. Her bio father approved it. He has disappeared. An aunt is in Connecticut.

Carisi goes to see the aunt who is shocked to hear Mackenzie is married and pregnant. She says Mackenzie shut her out and she should have known why. Garett is not family. She says Mackenzie's father was a screw-up. She paid the father 5K and told him never to come here. She has an old address for him. 

Marcus is high and out of it. Rollins confronts him. He says Garett paid him 10K to sign the consent form.

A judge in family court must decide whether to annul the marriage. The judge asks Stone for his real agenda. He tells her about the trial. She says 5 minutes and then she'll hear from the bride. Mackenzie says she always loved Garett from the time he married her mom. She says she never had a father and it's stupid that her father needs to consent to the marriage. She thinks her mother would be happy she was married. Her mom said to take care of Garrett. The judge denies the motion on the grounds that she has to give full faith and credit to another state's laws and upholds the marriage.

The defense attorney wants all references to the marriage stricken from the record. Judge grants the motion just to get the case over with.

Benson is mad. She eventually decides maybe Garett was protecting Mackenzie. The cops say the next morning they may charge Mackenzie instead, she delierately wound up Garett. Garett says to Mackenzie you shouldn't have told him. He says the laws ruined their love. Benson tells the cops to take Garett away. Mackenzie sobs.

Later Benson tries to talk to Mackenzie, who claims that Benson is jealous. Benson says that Mackenzie's mom wouldn't approve of this marriage. She would want to protect her child. Mackenzie says she took good care of Garrett. He made her feel like a real woman. BEnson tries to tell her she is not grown up yet. Benson says the baby will make Mackenzie feel loved but it's a big responsibility. Mackenzie says she bets Benson is a good mom, at least she didn't die. She cries while Benson holds her.



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Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 20 Quotes

Howard: This is my fault, right?
Carisi: You can't lock them in their rooms, Mr. Howard.
Howard: Why not?

Doctor: When we brought the girl in she was hysterical.
Benson: Okay. Did she say why?
Doctor: We tried to give her something to calm her down. But she wouldn't take it. She was worried it could hurt her baby.
Benson: Her baby? She's thirteen.
Doctor: Thirteen and pregnant.