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In prison, a guy watches a roach crawl over his food. He decides to make a noose out of a bedsheet and hang himself. (Is this their takeoff on Jeffrey Epstein?)


A woman tells a young girl that she's a scout for Steve Getz and she is the kind of beautiful girl they are looking for. The girl tries to turn her down. The woman gives her a card and leaves.

The girl is talking to her sister about it when the father comes home and wants to know what they're talking about.

At the shoot, the photographer focuses on Ivy. He tells her she is hired.

Ivy tries on differet outfits and gets weighed in SHe has lots of photos taken. The photographer wants her to show her breasts in a topless photo. She doesn't want to but does it anyway.

Ivy appears to have been raped. She is lying on a bed crying.

The next day, Ivy refuses to take her lunch from her father. Steve's agent tells her to bring her sister next timeand gives her a lot of money.

Millie is almost 13. Ivy looks on as Getz approaches her.

Rollins talks in therapy about Carisi. She insists she's over him going to the DA's office. She mentions on her way out that her dad called her for the first time in 15 years. She gets a call from Benson after her session and hurries back.

Ivy and Millie's father is there to talk to the detectives about Ivy and Millie. He is sure Getz is doing something to them. He says Ivy had 4 grand in her room and birth control pills. He tried to talk to Ivy and she stormed off.

Rollins and Kat talk to Millie. Millie says she thinks Ivy is having sex and she found sexts on her computer once. They ask her if she knows where Ivy is.

Kat approaches Ivy, who is belligerent and doesn't want to talk to her. Kat says she will tell her bosses she is talking to cops. The agent comes over. Kat pretends to be her aunt but then talks to the woman in private and says she knows what's going on. She says you take care of Ivy so you need to take care of me. 

Rollins says Kat is not supposed to be talking to Getz, just to Ivy. Fin says let it play out. 

Benson is not happy that Kat didn't follow directions but tells her to go ahead with her undercover op.

The procurer gives Kat 10 grand and says take her home this time, but she comes back without you. Kat suggests she get other girls for Steve. The procurer warns her  not to waste her time and goes.

Ivy tells her dad that she lost $500 thanks to him. Rollins promises the father she will take care of this.

Benson has three victims but they have been paid off, and Ivy is siding with Getz. Carisi says they don't have a case. Without a complaining witness he can't do this.

Benson has an idea.

She and Rollins find Getz in a lavish men's room. He tells someone to call his lawyer.

Getz claims the girls were all models. His lawyer says they are contracted employees who have parental permission. He says he gives them money because their parents control their paychecks.

Getz claims the complainant must be jealous. His lawyer says they have nothing and they won't be talking again. Getz says Ivy's father is an alcoholic ex-cop who sent his sister to shake them down, so he isn't onto Kat. However, Frank has been in an accident and has been taken to the hospital.

Frank says he was beaten up by two goons. They took his wallet but not his gun and told him to tell his sister to back off. Millie was in the car. His wife calls.

Kat says they are pulling security footage. Ivy shows up and yells at Kat that she got her dad beat up. Benson walks off with Ivy. Ivy says this is Benson's fault for sending a lame-ass rookie UC.

Meanwhile Millie tells Rollins that her mom has been talking to Ivy and trying to get info that makes her dad look bad.

Frank is getting upset because they want a CT Scan. Rollins tries to talk to him. He's angry about what Kat did and he thinks he should have handled this himself.

Benson tells Ivy that Getz is after her 12 year old sister. Ivy says that they should leave her alone. Millie interrupts. Daddy's in trouble.

Frank is angry and upset and demanding his gun. He wants Ivy to take her sister home. He plans to kill Getz himself.  Millie is sobbing. Ivy says she'll testify.

Hadid says all they have is a 15-year-old that was on Getz's payroll. She also says Getz could get away with this because they brought him in. Should have come to her earlier.

Getz is arrested along with his procurer.

Getz's studio is searched for DNA.

Getz pleads not guilty. Carisi asks for no bail. Defense says Getz is a community pillar etc. Judge sends him to jail and puts him in protective custody.

Abrams says his client is sick and after a night or two in Riker's... he thinks he coul sell him on criminal sexual activity. Carisi says no. Abrams says he has already talked to Hadid about this.

Rollins can't believe Carisi is okay with a plea. She doesn't think Frank will be happy about this.

Fin and Rollins go to Frank. He wants Getz to hear in court what he did to Ivy. Rollins says if more girls come forward.

Carisi and Hadid find out the case has been reassigned to a judge known as "Let Him Go Joe."

Frank makes a statement. The judge says he is reviewing the case and doesn't see any criminal sexual acts and threatens to hold Frank in contempt. The judge finds Getz guilty of one act of prostitution and sentences him to time served.

Frank and Ivy are upset and want to be left alone. Abrams invites Carisi to a victory party. Carisi says this isn't over. Hadid says this is on her and she shouldn't have let Carisi go up against him.

Rollins is mad at Carisi. Carisi is upset. Benson says we're gonna regroup.

Ivy and Millie are missing. Benson says find out where the victory party is.

The party is on a boat. Benson and Fin approach Getz. He claims they had permission from the mother.. There are Congressmen on the boat. Benson says to tell Frank this isn't over.

Rollins goes to see her therapist, who wants to talk about her father. Rollins says not a big deal. Frank bursts into the session with a gun. He wants GEtz in jail and points his gun at Rollins' head.



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Law & Order: SVU Season 21 Episode 9 Quotes

Rollins: Next time we should talk about my dad. Who I haven't spoken to in 15 years. He called me this morning.
Therapist: Doorknob comment. This might have been worth bringing up during the session.

Getz: Beautiful. Now drop those hands.
Ivy: I don't know...
Getz: Come on. Show that body. You can do that for me, can't you?