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Olivia wants to run some changes by Rollins after a session at the shooting range. 1PP wants to see Rollins. She is getting a promotion. Detective 2nd grade. Rollins is thrilled.

A woman crashes her truck into a parked police car and sees out of it. She is arrested. A while later she is in jail and doesn't know why she's there.

Carisi is in arraignment court on a sexual predator case. Jill's DUI case is next. Jill has no idea what's going on.

Carisi is talking to Finn when Jill says she wasn't drunk. She freaks out and says she just realizes that she was raped.

Benson tells Carisi they need a rape kit ASAP.

Jill tells Rollins she had two drinks at a bar and felt like she wasn't herself and she doesn't remember what happened til she was trying to drive her truck and couldn't stay in her lane. She felt drugged. It didn't hit her til court that Luke had raped her. Her clothes felt wrong and she was sore. Kat says they need to talk to Luke. She doesn't have his number but has a message from him. But she can't find it on her phone. Rollins says they have to take her to the hospital to do a drug test.

Finn and Rollins check out the bar. They find out what's in the drinks Jill had and ask for security footage. Jill is not seemingly incapacitated when she leaves. Benson says this is textbook drug-faciliated rape. Benson is sure someone saw hem at some point before the crash.

Some doorman says the suspect is always walking his dog in his platners.

A ocnvenience store owner gives the cops Luke's address. Luke doesn't want to let them in cause his place is messy but they insist. He says they had mutually consensual sex and that he always asks first. He says he got a weird message the next day from Jill and didn't know what she meant. He supports MeToo and is a nice guy. He says women blame anyone for anything.  He asks the cops to leave.

Jill doesn't remember being in Luke's apartment. But her tox screen is negative. Jill says she  knows how she felt. Benson says that the drug might have left her system or she was dosed with something they don't test for. Finn explains the lab can't keep up with designer drugs. Some drugs are undetectable. 

Jill is upset and talks to Carisi about the DWI and the lack of proof she was drugged. He says he will kick the DUI down the road.

Everyone suspects Luke has done this before. His profile is that of a loser. Rollins finds out there was a similar case in Brooklyn.

Rollins and Benson talk to the other victim.  How could she have been drugged when she drank beer in a bottle? She also has memory lapses after only having drank one beer. She remembers feeling paralyzed and remembers being raped.

The new victim does a lineup. She thinks Luke is the one but not sure.

Jill sees the ID happening. Finn can't talk about it.

Ms. Larson freaks out when she sees Luke. She is sure #1 raped her. She freaks out. Jill tries to talk to Rebecca. Carisi tells them they can't talk. It will ruin the case.

Luke recognizes Rebecca and Jill, but claims it was all consensual. He stammers about how it is open season on men. He gives women strong drinks but doesn't drug them (he says).

Kat talks to a bartender and finds out two weeks ago a freelance bartender was working there. It's the same one they talked to at the other bar. The bartender claims he doesn't remember these customers. He has lots of customers. He claims that if women can't hold their liquor that's their problem.  He refuses to talk further.

Rollins and Benson fill in Carisi. Ash Gordon (the bartender) is a chemistry major who got kicked out of school for creating designer drugs. Carisi needs evidence. Benson tells him to rely on his cop instincts.

Luke's lawyer claims this is a case of morning after remorse. Bail is set at 25k.

Jill shows up. Carisi tells her it's gonna take time. Jill wants to know what was found in Luke's apartment and says the bartender seemed to know Luke. Carisi says that may be probable cause. 

Ash's apartent is searched. They find Persocet and a folder labeled LUKE on the computer with videos that are encrypted. There are two files matching the dates of the rapes. There are four other folders -- maybe 25 more rapes.

Finn thinks a lawyer could explain Ash's drugs. They can't get into the files. Finn suggests a warrant for the app company but Kat says that won't help. Benson has an idea. She has a press conference about Luke's arrest in the hopes more victims will come forward.  There is a woman watching in the back of a taxi who makes a call. A woman watching TV stops and stares at it.

The phones are ringing off the hook as soon as Benson is finished.

There is a montage of women being questioned and telling the same story. They didn't think they had enough to call the cops so they didn't.

An older woman has called Benson and Rollins. She says her daughter Piper had a stroke the night she was raped and doesn't sleep at night.

Piper recounts having a stroke and seizures during the rape kit, triggered by drugs.

Luke's lawyer claims this is a vendetta. Carisi and Benson tell Luke if Piper dies he is on the hook for felony murder. He insists he knows nothing but any drugs. They confront him about Ash. The lawyer says her client has no knowledge about Piper's condition. Luke says he would call Ash before a date. He didn't know anything about the drugs but Ash promised to make them compliant. He wants the videos as "clinical trials." He doesn't keep the videos so as not to violate the girl's privacy. Ash made the drugs more potent before Piper's date but he has no idea what the drugs were.

Luke tries to get the info about the drugs and Ash gets violent and beats him up when the cops show up. Ash is arrested.

Ash's lawyer claims they have no evidence. Carisi says they have five witnesses. Piper had Percocet in her system. Ash claims he is leveling te playing field. He says it isn't even rape but he knows who had sex with these women.

Four rapists are arrested. The girls are notified. Many are grateful. Jill doesn't know how she can trust a man ever again. 

Benson tells Piper Luke gets 10 years but Ash only 2. Benson explains it's very hard for the law to keep up with date rape drugs. Piper wants to make a victim impact statement if she can. Benson says they will be by her side the whole time.


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Law & Order: SVU Season 21 Episode 19 Quotes

I just realized what happened. I was raped last night and they arrested me.


Benson: I had a whole speech prepared, but you are being promoted to Detective Second Grade.
Rollins: Really? I didn't think that was even on the grid after the year I had.
Benson: Nevertheless, you persisted.