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Rollins and Kat are at some sort of wellness organization which promotes sex positivity and sex toys. The main person, Luna, is thrilled to meet Benson. She doesn't let her CEO talk to Benson for more than half a second.

Luna and Benson talk about trauma and the brain. Luna seems to have a reaction to Benson talking about trauma. Everyone gives her and Benson a standing ovation.

Luna then meets with some guy named Bobby. She is in a robe, which she takes off, revealing a slip. She asks him about outfits. Bobby says this IPO is not business as usual. She wants to live a little with alcohol and edible weed. 

Benson gets a text from Luna's assistant. Luna tells Benson she was raped.

In the hospital, Luna claims that Bobby took a shot of tequila and pushed her down on the bed and she froze. Luna says if this comes out, her IPO will fall apart. She doesn't want to press charges. Benson tells er if she changes her mind, the rape kit is done. Luna says rape will ruin her brand.

The rape kit indicates trauma and intoxication. Carisi says that could also be rough sex. He wants Benson to take some statements.

Benson and Rollins talk to Bobby, who says the sex was consensual. He says Luna made this up because she's involved with her assistant. They used to be involved but he broke it off and then Luna started having sex with her new assistant (according to him)

Sequoia says Luna screamed for help when she saw her. According to her, Bobby is jealous of her relationship with Luna.

Benson talks to Luna and says this is what rapists do.  She encourages her to come forward.

Later, Benson and the rest of the SVU team detain Bobby.

Bobby claims that Luna is a phony. He says LUna seduced him when he tried to tell her that there was a problem with the accounts. It was consensual til Sequoia came in. 

Luna is angry at first but says this investigation is a good thing. Benson says they can't arrest Bobby until they find out what the story is. Benson says she can't fire Bobby right now.

Rollins asks an employee about some expenses. She says this is from a shell company. He says Luna submitted the bill. He didn't dare question it.

The COO is also scared to cross Luna. Carisi and Rollins ask about the payments. COO says they are for consulting fees. 

The cops talk to Ms. Chi, the recipient of the fees. She says she signed an NDA. Rollins says an NDA won't protect her from charges. The woman says the payments were to keep her quiet because Luna sexually assaulted her.

She says it was during a retreat. Luna gave her tequila and asked her to try a new vibrator.

Benson is watching as the woman goes on. She says Luna tied her up with bondage tape and used the vibrator on her.

Benson asks Luna an her lawyer about this. Luna seems shocked by this allegation and says she never went to any cabin. She claims never to have written an apology email, the NDAs, or authorized the payments. Her lawyer asks for time to go over this.

The tech guy insists he can't say anything. Hadid and Carisi tell him  he could be in a lot of trouble.

COO Melanie is sure the offshore LLC was for tax reasons. Carisi and Hadid don't buy that. Melanie says Luna let it all go to her head. 

Benson and Rollins arrest Luna, who insists everyone is lying about her. There are a ton of reporters and photographers outside the police station as she is brought in.

Luna pleads not guilty. Carisi asks for remand. Judge agrees. Luna starts rambling about how she hasn't done any of these things and fights with the bailiffs.

Luna's arrest is all over TV. Benson is disgusted. Rollins wonders why Luna would make a false accusation and get caught like this. Benson says she is not sure this was a fake claim and none of this makes any sense.

Luna is in the psych ward. Kat has found no evidence of Luna having spent time with or talking to Tisa, but plenty between Tisa and the tech guy. There is text evidence that Bobby wrote some of these emails.

Hadid thinks this is too elaborate a plan. Benson says guilty people don't blame themselves and think they are losing their minds.Hadid wants to move forward against Luna anyway. She says she wants to catch the witnesses lying on record.

Tisa's story doesn't add up and Carisi and Hadid confront her. Hadid says this story will lead to seven years for perjury. Tisa says it was Vinay's idea.

Benson and Rollins talk to Luna. Vinay is denying everything. Benson tells Luna about their suspicions. Luna realizes Melanie knew her passwords because they grew up together.

Melanie is questioned. She thought the rape didn't happen. It was not part of the plan. She says Bobby never got over Luna dumping him. Melanie swears she had nothing to do with the assault. Luna has no boundaries, according to her, and they were trying to save the company. SHe says she did it because Luna/Laurie stole her necklace when she was 12 and says the company is hers but Luna was stealing it too. 

Bobby is arrested while telling some business guys how he saved the company and got rid of Luna.

Luna is disappointed that Melanie is going to walk. She asks if it was just about the money and realizes she could have been a better friend to Melanie. Luna says her arrest was karma. 

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Law & Order: SVU Season 21 Episode 15 Quotes

Bobby: I've been going through the books.
Luna: Bobby. You do numbers.I do ideas. Big ideas.

Women need to know it's okay to love our bodies, especially the parts that people tell us not to love.