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Rollins calls Benson while jogging in Central Park with the dog and her kids. She's gonna be late.

Noah tells Benson that some kids at school were vaping. He promises not to ever do that.

Rollins is at the doctor. She has problems with her knees. She rejects painkillers, while meanwhile Kim calls her, leaves a message, gets some drugs, and asks a lady to watch her son while she does drugs.

Benson tells the others about Noah and the vaping.

Kim's baby is crying. The lady tells an employee. The employee goes to check on Kim and finds her passed out and the sink overflowing.

AManda reads Kim the riot act. Kim says she turned on the sink so someone would come help her. She says she was clean til her C-section and then she was given painkillers. She says she's going back to prison but what about Mason. Amanda doesn't think there's anything she can do. Kim claims her doctor made her have sex in exchange for drugs.

Benson and Fin go to talk to Kim. She tells them her story.  She claims he gave himself a shot down there while telling her to take off her clothes. They had sex and then he gave her a prescription. She claims it happened at least 12 times. 

Fin thinks Amanda should cut Kim off. Benson says that's what she did with her brother. Anyway they have to look into this.

The team fills Carisi in. He wonders whether this story is credible. Rollins thinks she is the best one to go undercover. Fin doesn't like the idea. Benson tells him to go with her.

Rollins and Fin go to the clinic. The doctor flirts with her. and tells her she has to have sex. Fin can't stand this and he and at arrest the doctor.

The doctor claims the women are addicts and liars and Kim is a prostitute. Hadid says she will get Kim released but she can't support her having custody of her kid. Also she wants to use this guy as leverage to investigate other doctors who may be doing this. 

Kat goes undercover at Capezio's office as a pharmacy salesperson. Another woman who works there takes her to a bistro and tells her to use her body to please the doctors and make them prescribe.

Hadid knows the owner of this business and is sure he is not ordering this. THe next day, there is a fancy dinner for the sales reps that Kim will be going to.

Kim complains about not getting custody of Mason Kim and Rollins' father shows up. Amanda isn't happy to see him. Kim says she called him. He's happy to see his girls. He says he's getting married again to a woman the same age they are.  He wants to see his grandchildren. Amanda reluctantly decides to let him come up.

Amanda's father is eager to meet Mason. Kim invites the father to stay. Amanda rolls her eyes and says okay.. He is not happy to find out Amanda has no alcohol in the house.

Benson says she is going with Kat, as Hadid is friendly with the suspect and she wants to make sure this goes well.

Fin thinks Amanda should kick out Kim and her dad. Kim shows up at court. Fin says Kim is not the one getting custody and if she makes any more mistakes she's out of chances.

At the conference, Benson comes in while Harrington is broadcasting a commercial for a new supposedly  non-addictive painkiller. Benson and Kat meet a Dr. Gold. Gold flirts with Kat and Tiffany tells him to order tequila for them. Tiffany and Kat go upstairs with Dr. Gold. Another doctor shows up and invites Benson to a conference in St. John.

In court, ROllins gets temporary custody if she keeps a sober apartment and keeps Kim from unsupervised visits.

Gold flirts with the women and shows up in a bathrobe. He tells the women to take their blouses off. Fin shows up with a woman and arrests eveyrone.

Amanda comes home with all the kids and the father appears to be choking. Amanda tells Kim to take the kids out to the other room. She calls 911 for a possible OD.

Benson meets Rollins at the hospital. She says she will take the kids. Kim panicks about her case. Rollins says they will lose Mason. Benson says to take it one step at a time.

Fin and Carisi try to get Tiffany to talk. She says Kat doesn't know anything. 

Hadid still doubts that Harrington is involved. 

Rollins says her nanny's cousin is watching the children. She asks Kim what happens next. Kim says one day at a time like Olivia said. She is sure Daddy will wake up. She wants Amanda to forgive him. 

Benson and Kat go undercover again at the next conference. Benson says she needs more than mai tais to close the deal. She wants to meet Harrington. The suspect says he barely knows him.

Hadid is there and she is hugging Harrington. She tells him that Benson and Kat are undercover.

Benson calls Carisi.

Hadid talks to Tarrington who claims that sex is not his policy and she should have called him. Hadid says the optics are bad but she's stopped them from going to the DEA. She says she's talking to him as a friend. He asks her if she wants to be his new house counsel and asks her to keep tabs on the case.He says he is running a business so profits are important but if anyone is taking him down...

Later Hadid plays the recording of their conversation for Carisi and Benson. She is not proud of leveragng her personal relationship. She says she had to hear it for herself.

Carisi has to handle the arraignment since Hadid is a witness. Harrington tells Hadid she ruined her future and broke his heart. Carisi asks if he said anything useful. Hadid says nothing anyone needs to hear. She seems upset.

Kim thinks this is a wake-up call for their father. Amanda says he can't stay at her house.

The father has left without saying goodbye. There is a note. 

Kim has asked for prison to get clean. Amanda's mom is coming to take Mason. She feels she can't outrun her family.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 21 Episode 16 Quotes

Amanda: She claims that the doctor she gets her oxy from is extorting her for sex. I don't know whether or not to believe her.
Fin: She's a junkie. She's working you.

Kim: Where's Mason?
Amanda: He's with Child Services. As he should be because you left him with a stranger to go do drugs!
Kim: I turned the sink on so that if I OD'd someone would come help me.
Amanda: That's your idea of a plan?