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A woman on web cam strips for money. She has the viewers bid and she spins a wheel and says see you tonight.

A girl walks through the park. She puts on her mask and meets her dad in a wheelchair, who doesn’t seem to recognize her. She owes money for his care but is waiting for Medicaid to come through. Her dad’s aide compliments the way she looks in jeans (implying she can sleep off her bill? Ew)

Later, Zoey does a web cam video similar to the one scene at the beginning of the scene.

Another girl puts cuffs on for the camera and begs not to be hurt. 

Zoey is assaulted on camera and the money comes pouring in.

Fin and Kat watch the video. A man tells SVU she’s a cam girl and he was worried about her. He thinks something bad happened to her. He insists he is not a creep — he’s worried because she took her room down.

The girl has not reported anything. Fin says she did promise to enact a rape fantasy. There is no paper trail because the site owner won’t divulge who the girls are — and will only talk to Carisi.

The site owner says it’s consensual and social distanced. The girls push the envelope but no one is forced to anything. The models control the room and can block IP addresses. He thinks it is all a role play. He won’t divulge the girl’s name. Carisi has a subpoena. The owner is shocked and upset that this could really have happened on his site.

Benson and Kat track Zoey down at work. She doesn’t understand. Her web cam is legal. She is upset that someone recorded what happened. She says she was raped but she thought the cops would laugh at her because she’s a cam girl.

At the station, Zoey says she’s leading a double life because her dad is a nursing home and she has school tuition. Benson understands. What happened last night? Zoey says she was acting out a fantasy but the intruder wasn’t part of the act. She tried to get away and the man tried to rape her. He used his fingers. Kat asks if she heard his voice. HE said you know you want it. None of her fans know where she lives and she is very safe. Benson says the perp knew her stage name and her schedule. Private sessions can be intimate but she thinks these people are her friends.

They go through the list. Zoey knows each customer’s story. They have all been messaging to ask if she was okay. That’s why she shut the room down.

Kendra re-opens her room to talk to her customers. One guy thought she’d be mad at him after last night. She was crying, but that was part of the show, right? I gave you what you asked for?

Kendra/Zoey says what happened was hot and offers to put on a night gown for him and talk the way he did last night. The guy is arrested. He has a million photos of Zoey on his wall.

Gabe claims the photos were asked for and that they have had role plays before and she wanted this. She looked right at him when she said she wanted to be ravished. He wants to talk to Kendra. Kat says clearly there is a misunderstanding, so let’s clear it up. Shockingly, the idiot realizes he needs a lawyer.

Benson doesn’t care about Gabe being deluded. He committed a crime. Carisi says from Gabe’s POV Gabe is telling the truth. They had a relationship and we know it wasn’t consensual but it will become complicated in court. He says he’s not defending the guy but Zoey must be prepared.

Zoey says Gabe was shy at first but they cam every night. They’re in a relationship, sort of, but it’s not real. She never told him where she lived. Kat says Gabe was stalking her. She says she’s always careful not to have details when she uses her cell for camping. She says wait six months ago she was upset about her dad’s condition and told Gabe. He recommended this place. Zoey realizes she let a crazy man into their lives and blames herself. She doesn’t want to testify — why does this have to go to trial?

Benson explains why Zoey doesn’t want to testify. Benson is sure this was a sexual assault. Carisi can’t go to trial without Zoey testifying. Benson tells Carisi to make a deal.

Gabe’s lawyer claims no penetration so no rape (seriously?) Carisi won’t go down further than sexual abuse 3. Gabe doesn’t like it but the lawyer convinces him — however he denies he is guilty at arraignment. He fires his lawyer and wants to represent himself as he is a paralegal. He is released ROR with orders to stay away from Zoey.

Kat wants to know how Carisi can let this happen? Gabe can go to her apartment? Under a new law he’s allowed to examine the crime scene. Zoey is freaked out. There is nothing Carisi can do. He says his job is to uphold the law. Why doesn’t Kat like him? She can’t believe he was ever a cop and insists on going to the apartment with him.

Kat says Zoey doesn’t have to be here. Gabe acts stalkers and also reserves the right to come back. He leaves and Zoey says Gabe is getting off on this and she can’t do this. Kat and Carisi tell her she needs to testify.

Benson hates this law. Kat says this way of web camming gives women control. Benson says it doesn’t make it safe. Kat thinks that’s victim blaming. Fin says he and Benson have seen how unsafe sex work is. Jury has been chosen. All older women who Kat thinks will judge Zoey.

Trial begins. Gabe has shaved now. He cross-examines Larry. The jury is laughing as Gabe begins. Gabe asks if Larry was masturbating. Larry says til he realized Zoey didn’t want it.

The site owner testifies next. Gabe only follows Zoey. He is a high usage viewer.  He wanted to give her candy and flowers. He was given her Wishlist, not her real address.

Gabe’s lawyer tries to make the case that Zoey liked the gifts. Gabe starts with have you met her, you wouldn’t know what she likes and doesn’t. After all, the guy has girls who are doing rape fantasies right now.

Gabe is with Zoey’s father. The father thinks Gabe is her boyfriend and Gabe insists Zoey is stalking him. Gabe is arrested for violating his restraining order.

Zoey is a wreck. Carisi thinks Gabe doesn’t know what is real. Fin says you gotta get out of your head and into his.

Zoey testifies. She’s an introvert who is only here because what Gabe did was wrong. She explains that camming is a community and sometimes she feels like a therapist. Gabe objects to Zoey being asked about sexual requests, apparently because he doesn’t like it. Overruled and Zoey says she was raped.  

Gabe asks if he and Zoey used to talk.  He wants to ask about consensual sexual role play. Did he ever ask her to smile? Play with her hair? Unbutton her blouse? Did she do those things? Did she say she was turned on? Did you tell me that you wanted me? She doesn’t remember. Gabe has recordings of her wanting rough sex and masturbating. Zoey says you’re not supposed to record that. She claims the orgasm was fake. Part of camping, not real. She says on the recording she wants him to break in with a mask and take him. Zoey says that was role playing. Gabe says but she was asking for it. He says part of the role play is he’s not supposed to believe she wants to be ravaged against her will? She says she didn’t want to be raped. Gabe says how is he supposed to know when he’s telling the truth? He starts apologizing and getting close to her. Zoey says this was a mistake, she can’t be here.

Kat says Zoey is having a panic attack but is calming a little bit. She asks how Carisi is doing. She doesn’t blame him and neither does Zoey. Carisi says usually these moves don’t score points with the jury. Kat says Zoey is a good person and Gabe is crazy. Carisi doesn’t know how to make sure the jury is aware of that. Kat offers to help but he has no answer so she goes to support Zoey.

Carisi brings Larry back. Larry thinks his relationship with Kendra/Zoey is emotional and that they love each other. She uses heart emojis. It’s part of the role play but it’s as good as any other relationship. But he’d never contact her in person. You can’t do that.

Gabe refuses to talk to Larry.

Another client says it’s a safe three way and that they are close. She says she loves them and he thinks that part is real. Gabe asks did Zoey really say that? I don’t believe you. You could be making it up because you’re jealous.

Another client has no time to date and considers Kendra his best friend with benefits but would never contact her. Gabe says you gonna say she loves you? The guy says if I pay her to say so she will. Gabe wants to recall Zoey. Carisi objects. The judge wants to see why and will hold Gabe in contempt if needed. Kat must go tell Zoey she needs to testify again.

Gabe wants to know did Zoey say she loved Larry. She doesn’t want to read the next exhibit. She told Gabe he was the only one she loved. She refuses to read it aloud. Gabe keeps trying to make her say it. He gets violent and gets held in contempt. He fights and screams he loves her, tell them you love me. He is dragged away and Zoey is upset. The jury looks shocked.

Gabe has pled guilty and will do 7 years. Kat yells at Carisi that no one protected Zoey. Benson tells Kat to go home. Fin goes to walk her out.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 22 Episode 5 Quotes

Larry: Kendra never did a scene with anyone else before and the way she was crying at the end, I'd never seen her like that.
Fin: Why did you record it?
Larry: Well, I figured if it was an assault it would be good to have evidence. Kendra and I are really close.
Kat: Hmm: So you know her real name, her address, her phone number?
Larry: It's not like that. She's a cam girl. I do know she's in New York because during the pandemic one night, she applauded for the medical workers.
Fin: You ever try to find out where she lives, Larry?
Larry: I'm not a creep! Look, something bad happened to her. I tried to reach out to her last night. She took her room down.

Zoey: He's in a good mood today. Thank you, James.
James: Oh, by the way, front office wants to see you about your father's bill.
Zoey: I'm still waiting on Medicaid..
James: Longest six months ever, huh? Nice jeans, by the way. You look good.