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Ryan shows Benson an old video of him dancing, then takes away the iPad and says it's a surprise for Mother's Day.

Meanwhile, a kid tells a therapist that his sister went away on Sunday with a guy named Luke and he doesn't think she's coming back. She calls SVU and says the parents have denied the whole thing

The parents tell Rollins and Fin that Luke and Beth are on a missionary trip. They lied because they didn't want her to be judged for skipping school for a church project. They don't let her have a cell phone so they haven't heard from her. The cops they need to verify this since the school made a police report. The parents say they have a contact for the mission but the guy doesn't answer his phone and has a full voice mail box.

The cops go up to the mission and finds out that Beth and Luke never showed and he thought they didn't show up because of Covid.

Beth's mom is worried now. Fin tells them that Luke had a burner. The mother is worried that Luke is in a ditch somewhere. Benson asks if Beth had a laptop or iPad.

Mr. Lee felt he could trust Luke. Luke gave Beth guitar lessons too. Mr. Lee feels guilty about not paying enough attention to Beth.

Benson sends Rollins a video of Luke giving Beth guitar lessons and it's clear he was coming onto her.

After interviewing some other members of the church, the cops find out that Luke is really a guy named Nick from a rich family in Rhode Island. The cops believe he kidnapped Beth.

Luke manipulated his way into the church because he was into young girls. Mrs. Lee tells Benson that she and Luke are in love and he was targeting her, not Beth.

The cops talk to a woman who let Nick buy her a car so her daughter didn't have to take the bus. She says Nick dumped her when he found out he wouldn't be able to spend the summer with her 12-year-old. She said Nick spent too much time with her child and brainwashed her into not allowing her mother to say anything bad about him.  Also she tells them about an isolated cabin that Nick has.

Mr. Lee is trying to forgive his wife. Benson says Beth will need both of them when she is rescued. He has been grooming Beth for over 2 years and there are several ways a teenage girl could react.

The cops raid the cabin. They find Beth and Luke in the cabin. Beth clings to Luke and says she is home as Luke/Nick is arrested and claims this is the work of the Devil. The girl says this is G-d's will.

At the hospital, the doctor says Beth is dehydrated. She refused a pregnancy test and rape kit. Her parents are upset that they can't force Beth to take these tests. Claire believes Beth's claims that Nick didn't do anything to her. Benson explains that they can't force Beth to take a rape test or a pregnancy test. Claire insists that Nick wouldn't do anything to Beth and that maybe it wasn't a kidnapping.

Nick claims he would never hurt Beth and that this was a spiritual vision. He and Beth were planting the seeds of a new church. He claims in the vision he was at the cabin. His lawyer claims that his client did nothing wrong.

Beth wants to see Luke. Since she can't, she wants to go home and claims that Rollins is trying to indoctrinate her. Benson goes along with the delusion and gets Rollins to leave. Benson says that she knows how mature 14-year-olds are. Even in the Bible there were strong women who were 12 or 14. Beth insists she and Luke were "pure" and that he is nothing like her father. She says they love each other. She says she can't tell Benson about marriage. Benson asks her to help her understand. Beth says this is G-d's plan. Jesus said He will come again and that day has come.

Carisi says that this case is weak, but he will see what he can do about keeping Nick in jail pending trial.

Carisi wants no bail. Nick's lawyer claims that Nick is the victim and that the Lees were abusing him and Beth.

Claire asks if the judge believed that, as he granted bail. She wants his lawyer to take it back. Carisi asks Rollins to take Claire to get some water while he talks to Mr. Lee. Mr. Lee says he thought he was ashamed.

Claire tells Rolllins she can't believe this. Things changed between her and Paul after Elijah was born. She told Nick everything and he knew she missed being intimate with Paul. She insists her husband is not gay and she has to go get her kids.

Paul says on Nick's birthday, the two of them drank. Things got intended. They hugged, then Nick put his hand on his leg and unzipped Paul's pants He just went with it because it was easier than embarrassing him. Nick swore he wasn't gay but he felt close to Paul and they agreed not to tell anyone as it was a sin. They prayed. Paul admits it happened several times. Does Claire have to know? Carisi says she will find out

At a meeting with Carisi, Nick's lawyer threatens to tell all about the Lees. Nick wants the charges dropped and to be allowed to marry Beth.

Carisi is not sure he can make his case. Beth won't testify. Claire calls and says Beth is missing again. She went to the bathroom during dinner and never came back.

A waitress says the girl was in the bathroom a long time and changed and looked pretty. She said she was meeting someone.

Benson and Rollins realize that Beth is sneaking off to get married. The cops think that it might be at the Brooklyn bridge. They rush over and arrest Nick and Beth announces she's carrying G-d's baby.

Beth's mother realizes what Nick is doing. Her father wants to get Nick out of Beth's life.

Claire meets Beth and says she was wrong and she has a solution. If she is pregnant and has parental consent, she can get married in Maryland. They will give permission. State will need proof of the pregnancy and proof Luke is the father. Beth hugs her.

The DNA is proof of rape. The Lees need to tell her the truth tonight. They will raise the baby and work on repairing their marriage and pray that Beth forgives them.

Noah has a present for Benson. It's a collage of photos of them.  Benson gives him a hug. Afterward they are walking down the street and run into Stabler. Benson plans to have ice cream with Noah but gets a call and tells Elliot she'll be in touch soon.


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Law & Order: SVU Season 23 Episode 20 Quotes

Fin: Fathers worry. She's been gone over a week. That's a long time.
Mr. Lee: Beth felt called to go. Her mother said yes. I was Zooming 10 hours a day. I didn't have time to pay attention. Oh God, what have I done?

She goes to school, she goes to work, she's a good girl.

Mr. Lee