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Two girls are drinking and planning on going to some sort of party.

Carisi shows Rolins his old school and church. He's nervous about Rollins meeting his mother. She complains about everything. Carisi's niece shows up and she's the RA from the previous scene.

The girls are playing some sort of drinking game on the tour bus. No phones, coats or bags allowed in the club.

Carisi's mother asks about the father not being in the picture. Carisi is annoyed. His mother doesn't let his niece talk about being an advocate for sexual assault at the table.

The girls are allowed into the secret room at the club if they promise not to tell anyone.

Later, Mia calls and tells Carisi that one of the girls in her dorm was raped.

Benson shows up at the hospital with Carisi, Rollins, and Mia.

Annabelle tells Rollins and Benson that she feels stupid. Rollins reassures her she isn't. Annabelle says she was drunk. She said she was looking for her purse and the guys said she had to get it from the club. A guy named Austin made her go upstairs to look for it. He brought her to a room and she doesn't remember anything else except waking up and finding Austin raping her and two other guys holding her down.  She doesn't know the other boy's names.

Sarah feels guilty because she left the club early to meet her boyfriend and left Annabelle with the boys. She knows the two guys but she didn't get past the front room because she wasn't wasted.

Rollins asks why Sarah went to the club if she didn' like the boys. She wanted to see the inside of the club.

The cops head to the club, where Whitaker tries to stop them from going inside, but they convince him. However he won't let them look upstairs without a warrant. He also refuses to tell them who was here. The cops threaten to arrest Jacob and Brad and they go to the station.

The boys claim Mia and her coven hate men and that they were set up. Carisi doesn't think there is enough for a conviction. The boys' parents are here.

The parents demand the boys get a lawyer and that they are released.

The cops and Carisi agree the boys are entitled and they have done this before. Fin points out if these were kids from the projects they'd already be locked up. Benson realizes the servants in the house can help them out.

A server says he got big tips. Eventually he admits he was told to keep giving the girls wine. All the boys gave this order. There was a bus, so he didn't see the big deal.

The bus driver says taking the purses etc is a prank. The girls' stuff is given to Oscar, who says that boys in the old days were more respectful. He doesn't know anything except the girl was crying when she left.  Fin and Rollins realize Detective Goldstein of Hate Crimes is a former member of the club. He says 20 years ago the boys didn't do things like this. He tells them to incriminate themselves. He used to be a legend there so maybe he can help.

Goldstein shows up at the club and the boys all worship him. Apparently he invented the drinking game the boys use. The boys show him thee room. There is a huge throne in the middle of the room. They insist on serenading him with a pledge song. The song brags about raping girls using drugs and exactly what they do. Carisi plans to charge the entire club with conspiracy to commit rapee.

The President is upset to hear about this. She says she spoke to the boys' parents and also the assault didn't take place on campus. Benson tells her they have arrest warrants for every single member of the Bishop Club. She came here as a courtesy. The President freaks out.

A bunch of boys are arrested and one is caught with a cell phone.

Mia tells Carisi this is why she came back to Hudson. To make a difference.

The boys don't take their arrests seriously and one wants to be back in time for his Econ presentation.

McGrath complains about not being told in advance. Benson informs him this is actually a conspiracy and she wouldn't mind if they all ended up on the registry. McGrath complains this looks like cancel culture and that they aren't here to make political statements. He asks how his delivery of his message was. Benson says he is getting there.

After the arraignment, the defense attorney has a press conference claiming that it's open season on young men. Meanwhile, Mia is attacked while protesting the Bishop Club. A cop claims the protesters initiated contact. Mia says they got maced . Annabelle is upset that they put her face on a blowup doll.

Benson feels like this is a war against women. Goldstein wonders why they don't charge the boys with a hate crime.

The President is angry that the boys were all arrested. She wants them to promise that they won't arrest anyone else because of this incident. She says the process works better with transparency. Benson explains that in in the past rape allegations were not taken seriously at Hudson.

McGrath says the lawyers can handle this. He's disgusted by what he saw of the way the boys behaved.

Carisi's boss doesn't like the idea of this case. She doesn't think they can win. Benson says she wants to send a message to the community. Also there's no proof Anabelle was targeted because of her gender. Goldstein says the boys are texting pictures to each other.

The boys wrote slurs on Anabelle's back and took pictures. She doesn't get what she did. The detectives reassure her this is not her fault.

The defense attorney argues that this isn't a hate crime. Carisi says Annabelle was targeted because she was a woman.  The defense attorney says Anabelle was a willing participant. Carisi wins this round but the defense attorney says she will show there is a vendetta.

Jacob's father doesn't want his son going to trial. Jacob says he will testify as to everything that happened.

Jacob claims as a pledge he was forced to do all these things. His lawyer wants the hate crime charge and rape charge dropped. Carisi shoots her down. Jake keeps telling them what's going on. He is crying as he admits he held Annabelle down.

The other boys' lawyer claims that it was all consensual etc. The boy starts saying anti-Semetic things to Goldstein and Carisi threatens to put hate crimes back on the table.

The Bishop Club has been closed by order of the President. Mia thanks Benson.


Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 23 Episode 15 Quotes

Rollins: If you didn't like those boys, why did you go back to the club?
Sarah: I wanted to see the inside of the club. I'm an anthropology major. It was my only chance.

Rollins: So your uncle tells me you're an RA.
Mia: I'm an advocate for sexual assault on campus.
Mrs. Carisi: Not at the table.