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We see a montage of a girl with red hair named Sierra meeting someone online. It's a promotional video that Sherri Saum's character is showing as part of a meeting in which she says too many women are being harassed online so they need to move into a new era.

The CEO comes to the stage and talks about how he lost his wife in a car accident and that's why he created the app. He is changing the app name from Mr. Right Now to Mr. Right Forever, and wants it to be a safe app for people to use to find their person.

Afterward, a young woman seems upset. She's about to talk to her boss but the CEO comes in. The stock is going up. He's happy and leaves. The employee decides not to say whatever it was she was going to say. She opens her phone and sends a text.

Fin informs Velasco that he is not allowed to have OT anymore. Velasco is taking his chances with an online date. It's the woman from before, the one who seemed upset.

Lisa is already drinking when Velasco comes in. Later, she is totally drunk and invites Velasco in but he is not interested in playing with handcuffs. She freaks out when he tries to help her with her keys and she jumps back and falls down the stairs.

Benson arrives at the hospital. She asks Velasco what happened. Velasco tells her what happened. Benson wants him to go over his entire night with Fin.

Lisa tells Benson that Velasco didn't do anything wrong and doesn't know why she acted that way. Benson gives her her card. Lisa suddenly freezes. She tells Benson there's a reason she can't say anything. Her boss raped her. Benson encourages her to tell her what happened.

Lisa explains how she matched with Jackson on the app and he said the app had spoken so they had to go on a date. She met him at his penthouse and it was awkward at first but they talked, had champagne, started kissing, and then Jackson got pushy and grabbed her. The more she fought, the more he seemed to like it.   She tried to tell her godmother, Jackson's business partner, but she couldn't do it.

Benson talks to Ms. Cress, who is sure there has been a misunderstanding. She doesn't believe Jackson would do this. He became a player after Sarah died, but it's just a marketing strategy. Sure he's been inappropriate, but never violent. They just relaunched the app to make it safer for women. She wonders if Lisa was assaulted by someone else.  She is shocked that Lisa matched with Jackson on the app. She wants to talk to him but SVU says they'll do it and tell Ms. Cress not to tell him.

Jackson has some other girl with him when the cops arrive. He admits he matched on the app but cuts the conversation short when he discovers his stock is falling. Cress goes on TV and makes a statement that Jackson is a rapist and so she is resigning her post as CFO.

Carisi wonders if the two women are playing them. Benson hopes not.

Jackson makes a statement that Cress is just trying to destroy his company.

Velasco thinks Jackson is lying but Carisi says the timing here is suspicious.

Cress comes in and says she had four other women that Jackson messed with. She spoke to them and said she was doing market research. She couldn't give the names because of a confidentiality agreement. She says Jackson is suing her and she wasted the last 12 years of her life. Benson informs her that if LIsa goes to trial, she will need to testify.

The cops speak to three women who all have the same story. The fourth one was offered a bribe. No one wants to press charges.

Carisi asks Benson if this is solid. Itt is. He knows his next step.

Wright pleads not guilty. His lawyer makes a big speech about how this is a baseless charge blah blah. He interrupts Carisi demanding remand. The lawyer says his client isn't going anywhere and the judge releases him ROR. Benson tells Lisa to call heer if Jackson contacts her.

Carisi tells Benson he got an order of protection. Also Rollins is taking care of her mother who is in a cast.

Wright makes a video claiming that Velasco told Lisa to make a false claim and that Cress is doing all this to steal his data and start her own app. Carisi says if any of this is true, there goes their case.

More bad news: McCoy is pressuring them to disprove the video and possibly to drop the case.

Cress comes in to talk to the cops. She understands the timing is a mistake but Jackson steals everyone's ideas. She didn't want to hurt Lisa's case and she is still willing to testify. She says Lisa didn't know any of this. She says the SOB torched everything she stood for and now she's the one in trouble.

Valesco talks to Lisa and says that what Cress did didn't change the fact that she was assaulted. Lisa swears she didn't know about this and also she's sorry she freaked out on him. Valesco says he will have to testify to that. She asks how nerve-wracking going on the stand is. He encourages her to tell the truth. Also he's taking time off from online dating. Lisa is upset to see Cress is here. How could Cress do this to her? Was this her plan? Nobody believes her now.  Benson stops Lisa from yelling at Cress. Cress says she's sorry and walks off.

Jackson posts a video of the FBI raiding Cress' office. Carisi says his boss wants this to be pleaded out.

Cress calls. She seems out of it and says it's b een one mistake after another. She just wants to lie down. Benson and Velasco go looking for her and find Cress passed out on the floor. Benson tries Narcan.

Later, Benson says that Cress has been released from the hospital. She's going to check on her soon. Carisi is worried that Velasco has been overprepped.

Velasco takes the stand. On cross, the defense attorney suggests that it's weird that Velasco used the app. He also asks how long Velasco has been with SVU. It's only been six months. He tries to make it sound like Velasco was the one who assaulted Lisa, even after being told by the judge to stop.

Liisa testifies that Jackson raped her and that she was afraid no one would believe her after. Carisi asks her if she profited by coming forward. No, and she's angry at Cress.

On cross, the defense attorney focuses on Lisa's interaction with Velasco. How much was she drinking when she was with Jackson. Wasn't it possible she was drunk and wrong about Jackson assaulting her? Lisa is in tears.

Benson checks on Cress, who asks what happened to her. Is Jackson gonna get away with it again? Benson wishes she had better news. If Cress doesn't testify for the prosecution, the defense will call her.

Cress testifies. She admits she decided to launch a competing app and says Lisa knew nothing about this.

The defense attorney again makes an obnoxious claim that Lisa is telling stories and goes on and on about how close she and Jackson were and how she went public without even talking to Jackson. On the stand she says Jackson raped her too. The judge says the jury will disregard that and calls the counselors to her chambers.

The defense attorney rants that this is prejudicial. Carisi knew nothing about this and points out the defense attorney was the one who opened the door to this.

Benson talks to Cress who says Jackson raped her after his wife's death and said their shared tried meant they needed to have sex. After he apologized and asked her to come aboard as CFO.

The defense attorney wants a mistrial because the jury can't unhear this. The judge agrees with Carisi that that's overkill.

Prosecution rests. Jackson takes the stand. He says Cress was one of his closest friends but she's been telling lies about him.

Carisi cross-examines. Jackson claims that women like kinky sex and that they complain when they're hurt he ghosted them. Carisi brings up that Jackson's wife wanted to leave him.  Wright starts yelling at Cress and insists women lie when they don't get what they want.

Carisi asks Cress if she's okay. He's sorry, he wanted to provoke Jackson so the jury would see who he really was. Cress hopes it worked.

Jackson is found guilty. Wright is remanded to Rikers until sentencing.

Benson congratulates Carisi. He is going to go to Rollins' mother's.


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