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At a fight, Tommy Baker gets ready and two guys talk about how a lot is riding on this fight. The two fighters get aggressive with each other when they aren't fighting yet.

Meanwhile, McGrath wants paperwork and the only ones here are Benson and Fin.

Rollins is really into the fight. She and Velasco are on opposite sides. Velasco invites her out to a bar to watch the fight together. Baker does not show up when he is called. Rollins realizes something is wrong.

The cops show up at a trailer where a man has found a body. It's Tommy Baker. He is tied up, pants pulled down, and to the cops' surprise, still alive.

Benson comes back to deal with the case. The doctor tells Benson and Rollins that there is evidence of sexual assault.

Fin interviews the cops who found Tommy. Velasco calls. There were no street cams where Tommy was found.

McGrath comes and tells the press to have some empathy, then comes in to find out what they have on the case. McGrath is upset because the advocacy groups will be all over this. He wants them to make a quick arrest.

Tommy's wife doesn't understand how this could happen. She hasn't seen her husband since Thursday. They're never together before a fight. She says her husband would never solicit men on Grindr. She says she knows Tommy is gay, however. She says he wouldn't do random hookups -- he's been in a relationship with his physical therapist, who is in the chapel right now.

Benson and Rollins go to talk to Diaz.  He and Tommy fell in love while he was helping Tommy as a physical therapist. Tommy was planning on coming out after the fight tonight.

Fin has something. Grindr account was activated yesterday. Looks like someone wanted to make Tommy's attack look like a hookup gone wrong. Benson realies someone didn't want Tommy to come out tonight.

McGrath tells someone on the phone not to hang up on him. They do anyway. Benson fills him in and he's testy.  He tells Benson that there is trouble at home. His teenage daughter is out of control and his wife is angry at him for how he handles it (violently). But he doesn't want to talk about it. He wants Benson to just close the case.

The rest of the crew is curious about what's up with McGrath but Benson doesn't tell them. They talk about the case. Tommy definitely didn't get hurt in the truck he was found in. Benson wants them to piece together a timeline of Tommy's day.

One of Tommy's fellow fighters makes a speech about how Tommy needs their support, not their judgment.

The cops interview another fighter and find out Jax was in a bad mood after talking to Tommy the other day.

Chrissy had no idea about this, but she knows that Jax is the boss and they try to keep it cordial. Chrissy says Tommy was using the gym in the basement.

There are no cameras in the basement gym. However there is a back door. No cameras there. There's droplets on the floor that could be blood.

Jax comes in. He claims he wished Tommy well the day of the fight. Benson confronts him but Jax denies there being a problem. They were going to build a campaign around Tommy being gay. But Tommy got cold feet at the last minute because of fear of his dad.

CSU has confirmed the blood is Tommy's.  Duke is on his way in. Velasco is surprised a father would do this to his son. Anyway, Fin mentions to Benson that McGrath had the cops called on him and asked them to call it unfounded. He wants to use it as leverage against McGrath.

Duke comes in. Rollins interviews him. Duke seems resentful that Tommy uses managers other than him. He gets aggressive with Rollins and claims that all he ever wanted to do was protect Tommy. He always knew Tommy was gay but he thought if he was tough on him it would change things.  He wants to make things right with Tommy. He has pancreatic cancer and Tommy doesn't know. He tried to tell him Thursday, but Tommy got a call and said they'd talk after the fight. Tommy is all he has left and he wants to show him he's proud of him.

The cops have found out that Tommy was spending a lot of money. His manager won't talk to SVU without a subpoena. However, records show Tommy has an expensive Porsche.

Chrissy says Ricky and Tommy were friends and Tommy lent Ricky his Porsche. However, she says Tommy was not into Ricky, only Phil. Besides Ricky wasn't gay. He was involved with Chrissy. She gave him money using Tommy's credit cards. Tommy found out about it the night before the fight.

Ricky does not answer his door. The landlord opens the door. The place is a mess and Ricky is gone. He's also 3 months behind on rent.

Benson talks to Velasco. She wants alerts on bus tickets, train tickets, and a BOLO on the Porsche. Chrissy swears she doesn't know anything about this. Benson accuses Chrissy of hurting Tommy.  Chrissy denies it but admits that Tommy didn't want her to see Ricky so she kept it secret. She bought Ricky things to keep him around. She couldn't stop. She just didn't want to feel lonely.  But did Ricky do this?

Rollins can't get an answer on Ricky's parents' phone. The cops don't trust Chrissy. Rollins believes Chrissy, or at least wants to. Anyway someone bought an Amtrak ticket to Tampa.

In Tampa, Rollins chases Ricky on foot. So does Velasco, who finally catches him but Ricky beats up Velasco and tries to choke him. Rollins saves the day and Ricky insists he's being set up as he is arrested.

In the police station Ricky denies he did anything but calls Tommy a homo. He thinks everyone had a problem with Tommy being gay. He claims that he wasn't in the gym in months. He insists this was a crime of passion, who does she think did it?

Tommy's surgery went well. The cops wants to talk to Phil.

Phil is praying but the cops accuse him of knowing Ricky tried to skip town. Fin says Ricky blames Phil and Chrissy. Benson says Phil was involved.  Phil says he's in love with Tommy but he thought when Tommy came out he was going to leave Chrissy but Tommy said he wouldn't, that Chrissy was his family. Ricky was hustling Chrissy for money and said Phil should get his too. But then Ricky got greedy. Tommy found out and wanted to talk to Ricky and Phil. Phil told Ricky to stay out of it and begged Tommy to forgive him but Ricky ambushed them. Ricky said Tommy was dead and he'd take care of it.

McGrath comes to see Benson. After filling him in, she asks him about his marriage and promises that she hasn't told anyone anything. McGrath says there are rumors. Benson says he can't control that but he can control himself. She closes the door and suggests counseling. McGrath says that would make his wife happy.  McGrath will think about it but doesn't want anyone at 1PP to know he's seeing a shrink.

Tommy makes a statement, which McGrath watches, as do Duke and Chrissy. He says he's posting this because he hopes one day people won't have to come out.


Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 23 Episode 12 Quotes

Rollins: Thanks for coming back in.
Benson: Sure. Your hometown hero got attacked, of course I'm going to be here.

Benson: McGrath wants all the DV-5s from the week by tonight.
Fin: Tell him to get a life.
Benson: Where is everyone?
Fin: Acting a fool.