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In a long cold open, a girl is going to the debate team. She doesn't want to be partnered with Todd.

On the bus, the boys are obnoxious, making fun of the girl.

Everyone arrives at the motel and gets ready for the debate.

The girl performs at the debate, arguing for hackers being a good thing that helps democracy. The boy next to her looks mad that everyone is applauding for her. Their team wins.

Later, the three boys are drinking and knock on Naomi's door and make fun of her for not drinking. Todd convinces her to come in and drink with them.

Naomi runs to the elevator and tells the coach she's fine. She goes outside and attacks the school bus. Then she sets it on fire.

Benson is doing a 15-minute meditation. Fin says he and Phoebe have tickets to a lecture on NYU. Also he thinks it's too quiet around here. Valesco and Churlish seem to be getting along now. Fin asks about the trip to Maine but Benson has nothing to say. She gets a call about Naomi. She was arrested for the bus incident but the cop thinks she was sexually assaulted. Benson sends Churlish and Velasoci to talk to the parents while she and Muncy talk to Naomi.

Naomi is belligerent and rude. She doesn't know why she set the bus on fire. She's the only girl on the team and the guys are jerks all the time.

The coach says Naomi won the debate and she doesn't know what happened. Why are sex crimes even involved? The father says he saw everyone in Todd's room. He hoped Todd had finally accepted her.

Benson and Muncy try to establish rapport with Naomi. They notice she has scars on her arms -- she's been cutting. Naomi admits she was raped but says she said too much. Her mother arrives and she wants Benson to be the one to talk to her.

The mother hugs Naomi. Bensont ells her that Naomi is being released ROR on the arson charge. They want to get her a rape kit before she goes home.

The cops discuss what to do. The team will only be here a few days. Benson says they will wait for the rape kit and then bring in the whole team.

The rape kit comes back and the boys are brought in. Sean's mother isn't sure about a DNA sample. Booker's father doesn't trust cops because of racism.  Booker insists none of the guys raped her. He knows who did.

The cops show Naomi video footage of the coaches having sex with her. She asks will Benson tell her mom she lied? She is expected to be perfect.  Benson asks how this started. Naomi says that she hated riding the bus with the boys. Helene and Parker offered to give her rides instead. he felt like she was equal with them so at first she began kissing Helene while Parker watched. She says last night she went to their room  Helene could tell she'd been drinking and wanted to give Parker what he'd been waiting for. Parker raped her. She tried to talk her way out of it but he wouldn't listen. Helene held her down and Parker raped her. If she'd just ridden the bus this wouldn't have happened. Benson tells her this is about the Youngs and they will get her power back.

.The coaches claim that they saved Naomi from a bad home life. Carisi says he needs to know that Naomi is  not holding anything back.

Naomi's mom doesn't want Naomi to testify because the Youngs are writing a recommendation letter. Naomi says they hurt me and that she can make the case. Carisi tells her that she is not there to argue the case.

Bail hearing. Bail set at $75000

Carisi offers 10 years. They pass some kid who is giving a press conference saying that he had a consensual relationship with the Youngs when he was a teenager and there's nothing wrong with it. The defense attorney rejects the deal.

Naomi testifies and almost gets in trouble quoting the law on rape during direct examination. Samuels asks her if she was drinking with the Youngs. Naomi responds like a lawyer. Samuels accuses Naomi of lying

Naomi recognizes Colin. He dropped out of Harvard. Benson wants to look into what happened to him.

Helene claims this was a loving, consensual relationship and clearly Naomi was angry and needed an excuse for setting the fire.

Fin gets a text and leaves during cross. Velasco and Muncy have found out Colin was drinking and doing drugs instead of going to class.m Fin corners COlin in the bathroom and Colin claims he only ever had sex with Helene and is doing this as a favor to her.

Colin testifies that he had a bad home life and the Youngs let him study at their house and kissed him after throwing him a 17th birthday party. He claims he only wanted to have sex with Helene. Samuels pushes him to say he consented to sex with both. He says he guesses so. Samuels asks for a moment. Colin just wants to get this over with. The judge denies Samuels' request.

Carisi asks the real reason Colin is testifying.  He gets Colin to admit that they tol dhim to move on after he went to Harvard. Helene said they had a new protege. He couldn't function when Helene stopped taking his calls.  Also he only consented to sex with Helene. He's not gay and didn't want Parker to touch him. He says that he didn't consent to anything with Parker and loved Helene -- how could she do this to him?

Samuels offers attempted rape. Carisi wants them to make a statement allocuating.

Parker makes a statement about h ow he used his debate skills to convince himself the students wanted this and that he's sorry.

Benson talks to Naomi. She tells her she knows what it's like to have to be the parent when y ou're a child. She wants Naomi to put herself first and she doesn't want her to give up her passions. Naomi loves debate but wants to do what's right like Benson and Carisi do. She leaves and Carisi says he's going to go home to Rollins. Fin feels guilty about the mind rticks he playe don Colin and goes to make it right.

Fin talks to Colin who says Helene only loved herself. Fin encourages Colin to go back to Harvard and to realize living right means getting his heart broken a lot.


Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 24 Episode 20 Quotes

Churlish: Should we bring them in before they go back to Albany?
Benson: Let's wait for the rape kit. And then we bring in the whole team, debate or no debate.

Benson: You're a very smart girl, Naomi, and you get top grades. But sometimes things happen that we aren't equipped to deal with.
Naomi: And sometimes a fire is just a fire.