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Benson and Fin treat an arrested girl as a victim. The girl refuses to talk. She doesn't like Benson's usual inspirational speech. She doesn't want them to pretend to help her. Benson promises she means what she says. The girl doesn't want to rat the people who love her out. She is taken to see the interrogation of her pimp. She doesn't want to watch. Benson makes her. Sam pretends not to know the girl and claims the girl is a whore and she doesn't love her.

The girl says Sam doesn't mean it. Benson says maybe, but if she loved you she would be a little more kind. The girl wants to be charged and insists Sam protected her. Benson tells her that Sam used her and is going to prison. They will find Serenko. But she will help Nicole no matter what. Nicole needs to tell her about Ava.

Nicole talks. She doesn't know any names but she knows about the party yacht and a man in his 60s coming onto Ava. He was gross and kept talking. She usually fakes paying attention while having sex. THat morning Ava was going to take a walk and the man realized she had been recording him. Oddly, Ava didn't have a phone when she died. Nicole says the man went crazy  He got violent and Nicole didn't know what to do. The old man said Ava would ruin everything. Serenko ran after Ava. Nicole is too upset to look at line up photos. Benson tells her she is brave and can do this.  Nicole IDs Serenko.

The cops raid Serenko's house. Assume he's armed and fight back.

The house appears to b e empty. Benson finds scratches on the floor. Possibly a hidden room. Cosgrove and Stabler move a shelf and find a secret storage room. Garage is clear too. Bring in the search tea. Benson finds something -- the makings of a bomb. She orders everyone to turn off their radios.

The bombs are made of the same material as Oklahoma City. Serenko is missing. Stabler says Serenko is apolitical and he has no real idea why he has an IUD. The device itself is gone. Time to call in the joint terrorism task force.

JTTF talks to Benson. How do they know he is targeting NYC? Benson doesn't have the info so she wants to shut down potential targets. JTTF wants to talk to the mayor.The cops convince him they need to shut down NYC.

THe CI is all jumpy and Jet doesn't like the location she's watching from. Stabler goes over the plan with the CI. CI thinks he's good to go. Stabler tells him safety is first priority. CI insists he's fine and is doing this.

The CI stands in an alley smoking while the cops watch. Stabler checks in with Benson. Black van incoming. Jet checks the license plate. Belongs to a Delaware LLC. Benson sees the van too. Van drives towards the CI.  Serenko arrives and won't talk in the alley. The CI complains about being jammed up. Serenko wants to go inside a garage. Stabler says the building is not secure. Do they have a layout. Jet says it looks like a garment factory. Serenko makes Vince go into an elevator. Vince doesn't call out. Jet can't find blueprints.  Vince and Serenko go to a basement. Serenko interrogates Vince about what the cops said to him. Serenko doesn't believe him. Stabler tells Vince to back off. Vince pushes Serenko anyway. The feed starts to cut out. Signal is lost. She gets video back. Serenko only tells Vince to ask for a lawyer. Vince wants to get out of here. Stabler says Vince sounds nervous. He realizes Vince is in danger. Vince tries to run and Serenko and his henchman shoot at him. (Side note: why use such an obvious safe word)

Vince keeps calling for Stabler. Serenko starts beating up Vince. Jet hears gunshots

Stabler hurries. Shots fired at him.  He loses Serenko but finds Vince who has been beaten and shot. Stabler calls for a bus and tells Vince he'll be fine. Ambulance en route. Vince doesn't want to die. Stabler says I got you, hold on to me. Vince dies anyway. Benson and Cosgrove come in. Stabler is visibly shaken, just as Cosgrove was by Ava's similar death.

Jet tells Stabler that Serenko got away but is on foot and will be found. Stabler says Vince was just a kid. He walks away heavily.

Stabler interrogates Serenko's henchman, who has been arrested. Where is Serenko? Where is he going with his bomb? The man wants a lawyer. He says Stabler is too late anyway.  Benson says they don't have time for this. She tells Stabler she is sorry about his CI. No leads yet. JTTF shows up and is angry that all they have for their wild goose chase is a dead CI. Stabler tries to lunge at the guy. Benson stops him and stands up to the JTTF guy.

Jet has found something. Serenko's van  has been in front of the same address in Queens 7 times. The homeowner is an elderly lady in a nursing home and the house is being rented.

Another raid at the house. Stabler catches a guy who says his name is John Kent and Serenko is blackmailing him. He works at a hotel downtown and Serenko made him give him security info. There's a NATO event going on today.

Serenko sets a ten-minute timer on a bomb.

JTTF guy doesn't believe the threat is credible. Dixon says we'll take the heat, but we're doing this. JTTF guy reluctantly agrees. (This also happened on FBI this week). Benson goes to the third floor to help with the evacuation. Everyone cooperates. Calmly but quickly.

Cosgrove loses Serenko and pursues him.

Outside, people begin panicking.  Shaw evacuates a bunch of Spanish speakers.

Cosgrove has lost Serenko but is sure he is here. Cosgrove finds a random person hanging around and throws him out.

Shaw orders anyone who may be in the garage to come out with their hands up. A random cop gives him a glass breaker. He breaks into a car and finds the bomb with 4 min on the timer. He asks someone on the phone to walk him through defusing and refuses to evacuate Dixon tells him three times to go, and Cosgrove too.

Outside the scene continues to be chaotic. Cosgrove takes off after Serenko despite the evacuation order. He gets him just as the bomb goes off. The scene looks similar to Ukraine in the beginning. Serenko has disappeared again. Stabler sends men in all directions and radios that he is heading east and they have lost eyes on Serenko.

Stabler grabs a guy he thinks is Serenko who is not. Rollins and Benson head north. Cosgrove is mad at himself mbt it isn't his fault. A bomb went off

Rollins finds Serenko near a subway and wants backup. Benson calls for a perimeter. Rollins sees Serenko and so does Stabler. There is screaming as Serenko takes a hostage in a bank. Cosgrove wants to go in. Benson says no. She wants two snipers. Stabler says he's going to get eyes on the inside.

Benson calls. Serenko wants an SUV with bulletproof glass or he will shoot a young girl in the head. Benson says he has to work with her. He says bring me the SUV and then we'll talk.  Benson calls for an SUV and wall of officers. Stabler sees inside and can tell how many hostages there are. Serenko forces everyone into the back.

Serenko has a shootout with the cops. Eventually he drops his hostage. He gets shot and Stabler holds himm at gunpoint. Cosgrove stops Stabler from murdering Serenko.





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Law & Order: SVU Season 24 Episode 1 Quotes

Nicole: I don't need you to pretend to want to help e.
Benson: I'm not pretending. If I say I will help you, I will.

The only thing people agree on nowadays is burying people who hurt young kids.