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Two teachers are debating whether books should  be removed from the curriculum when they find another teacher dead on the floor. He has been shot. Seems he was killed last night.

The spring musical was last night so it was crowded. Henry went back to get his coat and no one saw him again. The witness has no idea why anyone would kill him. Henry worked with kids from low-income families and was a new teacher. Turns out someone hacked the system and deleted the security footage. It's gone for good but Computer Crimes is looking for the source of the hack. An IP address has been traced to a 14-year-old. Dixon warns Bernard to make sure a parent is present at the interview.

The cops show up with a search warrant. The kid is uncooperative when they want to look at his computer. Also he has Henry's nameplate and a girl's lacrosse trophy.

Dylan says it was a social media challenge to steal stupid stuff but denies shooting Henry. He deleted the security footage because he was afraid of getting caught stealing. He made a video of the stuff he stole and was not at the play. Dylan's dad says the parents hated Henry for his "progressive woke nonsense". He didn't like that Henry made everyone sign an anti-racism pledge. He saw a woman threaten to shoot Gleason in the face.

Cosgrove is against CRT. Bernard says white kids should learn what it was like to grow up Black (somehow missing that CRT is not taught in public schools anyway).

They talk to a suspect who is angry because she thinks kids with disabilities getting extra time is unfair. She thinks the disabilities are fake and it's not fair her kids don't get extra time too. However, she was out of town for work. She knows 10 other parents who were upset with Henry.

Another suspect, George Platt, had a son who was expelled for violating the anti-racism pledge by making a video that used the N word. Prattt wanted his son reinstated. His daughter was in the play.

Cosgrove doesn't see what the big deal is. The kids were just singing along to a song. Why can't a white kid sing along to his favorite song? Bernard says there is never a reason for a while person to use that word. Anyway, Pratt has a gun permit and several guns, including a 9 mil like the murder weapon.

Pratt's attorney says the gun is legal. Pratt says he hated Henry. He rants about how his whole family has gone to Davenport so Henry should have left, not his child. He was at the play but didn't kill Henry. He says he was with another parent all night.

Pratt's story checks out. Dixon says they have video from the camera across the street from the school. There is a kid running down the block who has blood on his jacket.

The kid is brought in. His mother says he didn't kill Henry. Cooper says it's not what you think. His mom tries to stop him from talking. She thinks he is being blamed because he's on scholarship and says she wants a lawyer.

Dixon wants more evidence. Cosgrove says the kid is dying to tell them what he knows and he thinks there's more to the story. Dixon says hold him for now in the meantime find a motive.

The school says Cooper is a great student but he got suspended from the soccer team when he punched a teammate. His mother was upset about it. There is a note and drawing from someone else who was involved with the shooting.

Cosgrove questions Cooper about the drawing. The lawyer wants assurance they won't proescute before he answers. They can't guarantee that but will let the DA know Cooper cooperated. Cooper gives them a name. Bennett Richardson, a punk who thinks he owns the world. He says that is the kid he fought with on the soccer field. He didn't think Richardson had a gun. He says Richardson pulled the gun on him and said he was going to kill him. He tackled him and tried to grab the gun and Henry came in and Richardson shot Henry and then took off. Cooper tried to help Henry and got blood on his jacket. Bernard says no one is leaving until this is sorted out.

Richardson's father objects to the search warrant, but too bad. Bernard finds live ammo in a closet and another drawing illustrating the murder. Richardson's parents say the cops will regret this as they arrest him.

Price wants to try Richardson as an adult. Maroun thinks he's a kid and this is wrong. McCoy agrees with Price.

Bennett's attorney says his client is a child who deserves to be rehabilitated. Price argues Bennett is almost 18 and shot a man for no reason. The judge sides with Price. The defense attorney wants Bennett released on bail. Richardson's father says they have no intention of running away. Bail is set at 4 million.

Richardson is planning a defense saying Cooper was bullying him and he was protecting himself. The bullet hit Henry by accident. Nolan doesn't buy that defense. He says they need to shore up their theory of premeditation. Maroun says the artwork goes to state of mind. And art teacher shows them violent sketches. The teacher says that Bennett stabbed him and claimed it was an accident. He had a meeting with the parents and Henry but the father paid him $100k and said he would get his son help so he didn't pursue it.

Bennett has attempted suicide by taking a bunch of pills. The doctor doesn't think it was a serious attempt. Richardson's parents blame the DAs. Their attorney wants to know why they are here and says he is asking for a competency eval.

Bennett meets with a police psychologist. He says he didn't mean to kill anyone. He didn't want anyone to die. He never should have told his father what Cooper did. His father told him to fight back and if he hadn't none of this would have happened. His father told him to grow up and be a man and stand up for himself. He thought his dad wanted him to take the gun to school. His father gave him the gun for his birthday.

McCoy comes to see Price who says that the murder wasn't necessarily Bennett's idea. He explains about Bennett's father giving him the gun. He wants to charge the father with murder too, as he provided the weapon. There is no precedent for this. McCoy says okay, talk to the kid's lawyer and see what you can work out.

Bennett doesn't want to testify against his father. Maroun tries to convince him that he could get 12 years instead of life. Bennett doesn't want to rat out his dad. Nolan says there are no easy answers and Bennett must make a difficult choice. Bennett says that his dad taught him to stand up for himself, what's wrong with that? His attorney says immunity or no deal.

Maroun says they don't have a solid case against Richardson. McCoy says if they don't get the father they look like fools. Nolan says locking up disturbed kids doesn't do anything so they need to send a message. McCoy tells him he is a prosecutor and needs to get justice for victims. Nolan says he can win this case.

Benett has been given immunity but still doesn't want to testify. If he refuses to testify or lies, he will be tried to for murder as well as being held in contempt.

The defense attorney says let's see a preview. The DAs question Bennett about his dad and Bennett doesn't want to cooperate at first but his attorney makes him. We continue the questioning at trial. Richardson tries to advise his son on the stand when Bennett hesitates.  Bennett suddenly says he won't do this and agrees to be held in contempt. The defense attorney asks the testimony be stricken and the judge agrees.

Bennett's mother says Benett has made up his mind. Price tries to get her to testify against her husband.  He says they won't try bennett for murder if she testifies. She can't choose between her husband and her son but finally says okay.

The defense attorney claims spousal privilege. Price says child abuse is an exception. The defense attorney claims Price just doesn't like the parenting decisions Richardson made. The judge agrees with Price.

Mrs. Richardson testifies. She says John didn't believe in therapy and tried to get Bennett into sports but he didn't like them. The only thing he liked was guns.

Richardson is found guilty despite his wife's claim that he is a good man who didn't want anyone to die. Mrs. Richardson tells Price to go to hell.

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Law & Order Season 21 Episode 7 Quotes

Used to be the conservatives banned books. Now it's the woke liberals too.


Bernard: Found something?
Cosgrove: Killer went through the side door. There's blood on the push bar.
Bernard [reading mural on wall]: 'Go Forth Without Fear.' Might want to get a new slogan.