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Dixon sees two guys messing with a homeless guy. She makes them stop and tells them to pick on her instead. They leave but the homeless guy ignores her when she asks if he needs okay.

A body has been found in a trunk. The victim appears to have OD'd. He has a tattoo which matches the logo of a local dance academy.

The owner of the academy ID's the body from a photo but doesn't believe the guy died of an overdose. He took too good care of himself for that. He knew Darrien was gay but doesn't know anything about any boyfriends.

Darrien's father says he told him it was too soon to move out. He was too young. They haven't talked to him in a year because they didn't approve of his 'lifestyle". Bernard sneaks his card to the kid brother.

Cosgrove gets into it with Bernard because he thinks it's ridiculous that Black people march for civil rights but are anti-gay. The kid brother calls and says he saw Darrien two weeks ago. He didn't want his father to know.

Forensics shows that Darrien was given the drugs AFTER he died. He went to a party for a Senator last night.

Kyle Swanson, the host, says he raised 2 mil for the Senator and that he could be President. He assumes the picture of Darren was a staff member rather than an invitee but claims he isn't being racist, it's just that mostly older people attended the event. He deactivated the security cameras to make people feel comfortable so that he could raise money. They ask for the name of the catering company after all.

The catering company did not recognize Darrien. Security footage from a traffic cam shows that Darrien left with Senator Nathan.

The cops talk to Nathan. He is willing to answer questions off the record, which is not acceptable. Cosgrove says then they can convene a grand jury, as this is a homicide investigation. The Senator admits he went to a boys-only party at Swanson's house, but he wasn't WITH Darrien. He hedges but admits people were hooking up. He did NOT hook up with Darrien. There were no drugs. When he left, Darrien was still there and still alive.

The cops go to see Swanson again. They have a search warrant. Swanson decides to call his lawyer.

Cosgrove finds a bunch of suitcases just like the one Darrien was found in.

In the interrogation room, Swanson admits he was dating Darrien. He apologizes for lying. He claims Darrien was alive and well when he went to bed.  Dixon comes in and tells him that if he's going to lie, he should at least pretend Darrien's life mattered. Swanson claims Darrien did it to himself by being an addict.

There is no proof that Swanson killed Darrien and since it was just the two of them, they may never know. Dixon is sure this isn't Swanson's first rodeo. She wants the cops to find out how Darrien met Swanson.

A guy who knew Darrien says Swanson comes into this bar and only goes after young Black men.

A man named Andre tells the cops that Swanson is evil and shot him up to the point that he almost died and wouldn't stop. Swanson used to make him take off his clothes and then tie him up and pump him full of meth. He didn't think the cops would do anything if he reported him because he was rich. Andre had a family back home so Swanson paid him 10k for each time he did this. Dixon promises they will nail the bastard.

Cosgrove wants to know what's going on with Dixon. He's never seen her like this before. Dixon says she caught a similar case 2 years ago and she found the kid's body naked on the ground in the rain. She never found his killer and other cases came in, so they closed this one. But now she is sure Swanson was involved though she can't prove it.

Dixon tells the ADAs about Andre's testimony. Price says under New York law it's negligent homicide. Dixon says but he doesn't care if they die, so that's murder. Maroun says but this comes from Andre's statement. Dixon says Andre is only the tip of the iceberg. She has five other potential victims. Maroun says that makes him a serial killer. Price asks if there is anything other than the bar connecting them to Swanson? He says the other bodies are irrelevant. Dixon disagrees.

McCoy asks Price if they can prove that Swanson killed Darrien? Price says Swanson is dangerous and evil. McCoy says Swanson has ties to influential politicians and in fact supported McCoy's opponent last time. They cannot afford the appearance of bias. Work with Dixon and get a strong case.

Swanson's lawyer argues this is ridiculous. Maroun disagrees. The judge boredly sets bail and tells the defense attorney to file a motion to dismiss if he feels this strongly.

Dixon tells the DA she has found another witness who has the same story as Andre. She thinks they can charge Swanson with a hate crime.

Price and the defense attorney argue in front of a judge about whether this is a hate crime or not.  The statute says it can be a hate crime even if you don't hate the victim. The judge rules in Price's favor.

The new witness is nervous about testifying in court. Price tells him that someone else died because of what Swanson did. The guy agrees to testify. However, after Price's opening statement, when they call him, he disappears and his roommate says he took off.

McCoy says Andre better make the jury sick.

Andre comes to Dixon. He can't testify because he is on parole and will go back to jail if he admits to doing drugs.

Dixon tells Price that if he can't guarantee that they will win, then she can't let Andre testify. They can't victimize him all over again. Price says if Swanson walks he will abuse other people. It isn't his fault that Andre chose to violate his parole. Dixon pushed him and now she can't walk it back. Andre is obligated to testify. Dixon says fine, but we need to win.

Andre testifies. He says he nearly died. Swanson's attorney says Andre is a prostitute. Andre says no but he'll take money if he is offered. Harris again calls it prostitution and is told to move on. Harris says Andre is a drug addict and Andre is made to answer the question. Andre says he never shot up except with Swanson cause he paid him. Harris asks if there is anything he wouldn't do for money.

The jury is back -- is this going to be Price's first loss? Nope, the defendant is found guilty. Swanson starts yelling he's innocent and screams he will get Price fired.

Dixon tells Price nice job. He offers to buy her a drink. She can't. She has to try to put in a good word for Andre with the head of parole.

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Law & Order Season 21 Episode 6 Quotes

Mama always said if you see something in the street, leave it alone.


Dixon: What's going on?
Suspect #1: None of your business.
[Dixon pulls out her badge] Dixon: Actually, I have all sorts of reasons that it is my business.
[Suspects start walking away.]
Dixon: Stop.
Suspect #1: You have no right to tell us what to do.
Dixon: Actually, I do. Now stop walking or I'll arrest you.
Suspect #1: For what?
Dixon: For being a punk. And I'll arrest you for being an accomplice. You think you're so tough, picking on someone who's down on his luck. Pick on me instead.