On Law & Order Season 21 Episode 7, Price takes a risk to prosecute the father of a teenager for murder after the kid brings a gun to school.

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Law & Order Season 21 Episode 7 revolves around the question of culpability for a school shooting.

When the principal of an elite private school is found shot to death in a classroom, there is no shortage of suspects. Many conservative parents hated the principal for his liberal views, including a parent who resented his son being expelled for racist behavior and another who thought that too many kids got accommodations for disabilities.

Eventually, the investigation leads the cops toward the culprit: an emotionally unstable student who made sketches depicting violence and who had already stabbed his art teacher during a dispute.

After the kid is arrested, he tells the court psychiatrist that he didn't mean to kill the teacher and he only brought the gun to school because his father wanted him to stand up to another boy who beat him up. His father gave him the gun as a birthday gift despite knowing about his emotional problems, so Price wants to charge the dad with murder.

There is no precedent and it will be difficult to make the case, but McCoy gives Price the green light. However, Bennett doesn't want to testify against his dad, even if it means going to jail himself for murder.

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On Law & Order Season 21 Episode 7, Bernard and Cosgrove are confronted with a plethora of suspects in the shooting of a headmaster at an elite private school.

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Law & Order Season 21 Episode 7 Quotes

Used to be the conservatives banned books. Now it's the woke liberals too.


Bernard: Found something?
Cosgrove: Killer went through the side door. There's blood on the push bar.
Bernard [reading mural on wall]: 'Go Forth Without Fear.' Might want to get a new slogan.