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Price calls someone to say he will be late and walks through a dark park. He calls and says he's sorry he's 30 minutes late. He finds a wallet in the bushes with ID of the person he was supposed to meet. He then finds her dead body.

The woman has been stabbed. It's not a robbery, no signs of sexual assault. Her phone shows she tried to call 911 before collapsing. A witness saw from far away that she was arguing with someone. Price is the witness who found the body. He expalins how he was running late to meet his old friend who had asked to meet up to ask his help with something. They used to work together in the public defender's office.

Rachel's apartment yields nothing and there are few security cams by the park. But a camera by her office shows someone followed Rachel. It's a man who is on trial for assault and Rachel is his lawyer.

The cops question Owen who says he wasn't following her. He was dropping off an affidavit and she asked him to come back later. He went to a local bar and says that he appreciated her. He overheard her saying on the phone she needed a protective order, fifteen minutes before he died.

The cops talk to a public defender who thinks cops don't care about her because of her position, but does tell them about the protective order. They talk to a judge who says a client's son attacked Rachel and he shouldn't have listened to her saying it wasn't a big deal.

The cops arrest the suspect, Luis, who tries to climb a fence and insists he didn't do anything even thoug he has a knife on him and evidence he knew where Rachel lived.

Luis tells the cops he didn't kill her and he had the address because his dad made him send her flowers to apologize for his behavior. He claims to have an alibi.

The knife is not a match. However they have picked up a footprint from the mud near where she was found. The victim's mom is here.

The mother says she thought Rachel should be in private practice as she was brilliant. She says Rachel was not dating anyone and had a problem at a local restaurant and didn't want to come back.

The manager recalls that Rachel was a regular and a guy got in her face last time she was there and got thrown out.

The cops try to talk to the suspect who is drunk and tries to attack Shaw, which leads to his arrest.

He's still acting drunk while questioned but Shaw says he has had time to sober up. He says one of Rachel's clients raped and murdered his 16-year-old and Bender got it thrown out because of an inappropriate search. He says he only wanted to ask her how she could represent such a vile human being. He says her boyfriend yelled at him and he went to a local bar and drank. The cops don't know anything about a boyfriend.

Rachel has bought coffee from Java Bliss in a different borough three times early in the morning. They realize she was at her boyfriends.

They find out she was involved with a judge and have a search warrant for his chambers. He keeps trying to threaten them but they find evidence he killed Rachel. The judge is outraged that they are handcuffing him in his chambers.

The cops have strong evidence: the shoe print, witnesses to the argument, a cut on his hand, and the fact that she dumped him. The judge rants they have to let him go right now and he'll forget this happened. They aren't intimidated by him.

Price agrees that the judge is guilty but the evidence is circumstantial. Can they get anything else? The judge called his law clerk 2 hours before the miurder. Price wants to come while they interview the clerk.

The law clerk, Tyler, claims he was with the judge at his house til well after the murder. Price wants to talk to the clerk himself.-Price recalls his clerking days and the long hours he worked. However you are not supposed to socialize with your boss. He knows Tyler lied. Tyler admits he suspected Rachel was dating the judge and that she dumped him. He admits he dropped the judge off at the public defender's office, but he would never hurt Rachel. (Did Tyler?)

The judge's ex is afraid to speak. She says that he stalked her and threatened to kill her but she was afraid to press charges because of his power. Price says if she won't testify voluntarily he is going to subpoena her.

The defense attorney says using the ex is nothing but poisoning the jury. As usual, the trial judge makes the wrong decision. Price sees a photo of the defendant on the judge's desk and suggests that the judge needs to recuse himself. The defense attorney says it's judge shopping. The judge is offended and won't stand for it. It's clear he hates Price.

Price gives his opening/. The defense argues that Price is abusing power.

McCoy says that both Price and the judge are biased and Price should NOT have asked Benning to recuse.

Tyler changes his story on the stand. Price tries to tell the judge to tell the defendant not to commit perjury. The defense objects and Benning agrees.

Maroun has evidence that the judge influenced Tyler. (Why can't they introduce this evidence on redirect?) Suddenly Price gets a subpoena to testify for the defense! The defense attorney wants to question him about his conversation with Tyler. The judge agrees.

The defense attorney asks all sorts of ridiculous questions like whether Price hates Judge Reymore and whether he was dating Rachel in the past. Maroun objects but of course Benning sides with the defense. There's a photo of Price kissing Rachel once years ago.Price says it was over a decade ago. The defense attorney claims that Price killed Rachel because he was still in love with Rachel. Benning actually makes the right decision eventually and shuts that nonsense down.

Maroun is angry that Price didn't tell her about his relationship and that he is as compromised as the judge. Price has an idea. He tells Tyler he will indict him for perjury if needed. Tyler looks over his shoulder and says that he knows the judge was going to propose to Rachel in the park. Cna he go now?

The security footage is not helpful because a street vendor gets in the way. However there was a witness. It was a doorman at a nearby building who saw the judge scream at Rachel and say she would be sorry and he was going to get her. He says the judge was a real prick. However the doorman has a prior conviction for harassing an ex-girlfriend. Price thinks they don't need to use the doorman and that they don't have to provide alternative theories to the defense. Maroun thinks they should tell the defense anyway.  He says it's his call and won't listen to her suggestion that he's biased.

McCoy gets a file and asks Price if the jury is back yet. Nope, it's been two days. McCoy hopes Price's passion for the victim didn't cloud the jury's thoughts. He tells Price he is compromised. He wouldn't have let him take this case if he knew it.

The jury is back. Shockingly, they find the judge guilty! Samantha hopes that Price's friend wasn't looking down on them during this.



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