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An older man sees something out his window. He finds a can of paint and the word JEW spray painted across his window. He comes back inside and is attacked and killed.

Shaw is back. Cosgrove notes the victim put up a hell of a fight. They find the victim had a Pulitzer. Cosgrove's father used to read him. Shaw says the man was the only unbiased source around these days.

A neighbor saw a man running away but is short on details except the suspect had a dark green ski jacket with orange highlights.

The victim's son shows up. The cops inform him of the death. The soon says Lamont Cordell did this. He says that the man had a podcast accusing Jews of killing Blacks and threatened Ackerman.

The cops try to question Cordell who says that he is the victim and that Jews are trying to stop Blacks from knowing what they did to them. He is shocked to hear Ackerman is dead. He says he only said all these things against Ackerman for ratings. He was in the studio at 6 AM this morning.

Cordell's alibi checks out. There is a lot of online hate against Ackerman thanks to Cordell's podcast. Partial print on the paint can belongs to Lucas Hobbs, a 25-year-old member of a white supremacist group, who promptly runs from the cops and gets arrested.

Lucas tries to say anti-Black things about Shaw instead of answering questions. Shaw threatens to let him go so they can fight in the street. Anyway, Lucas claims he didn't kill Ackerman and throws in anti-Semetic slurs for good measure.

There's proof Lucas didn't commit murder but Dixon says to book him for whatever they can think of for his vandalism etc.

Cosgrove talks to Ackerman's business partner, who says everything was great even though he sent angry messages about a deal that Ackerman reneged on. He denies having anything to do with the murder. He was celebrating his son's birthday and has photos. He says Ackerman was spending a lot of time with a younger woman.

The woman in question says Ackerman was her mentor and they were working on a big article -- they were exposing that fire doors at a public housing project that burned down were not serviced because they were contracted to a phony company. Maybe someone wanted to keep Ackerman quiet abot this. However the deputy mayor may have been involved and has disappeared. The cops go to her home and find her dead on the floor.

The deputy mayor was killed before Ackerman was, so that rules her out but the murders have to be connected.

Surveillance video shows Patricia knew her killer and let him in. Also he wore that green coat. So who killed these two victims? They realize Julie McAllister is in danger.

McAllister says she has to check on someone. She won't tell the cops who because it's an anonymous source. She asks to make a call.

She finds out the embezzler was David Costa. The cops stake him out and follow when he leaves. They pull him over. He is uncooperative and they tell him to get out of the car. He is arrested and says he doesn't know what they are talking about. He denies having heard of Site Shield, then asks for his attorney.

The cops get a search warrant and find the knife used to kill Ackerman. UV light shows blood on the knife.

Price fills McCoy on the conspiracy/murders and the evidence. They can convict him on Ackerman's murder but not the other one. Costa's attorney wants to suppress the weapon. They are claiming that the warrant was faulty and that the traffic stop was phony. The judge agrees that it was overreach and suppresses the knife.

The DAs can't find evidence in Costa's financial records. McCoy says this case was supposed to be winnable. Price thinks MCallister can help. McCoy says they have to play to emotion.

McAllister testifies but the judge needs verification that her source is real.

McAllister refuses to reveal her source. She's not okay with letting the killer walk but she cannot reveal her source and Ackermsn would understand that.

The eyewitness testifies but the defense says he can't say it is the defendant.

Costa claims on the stand that he donated the jacket a week before the murder. He has a receipt. On cross he claims he was out for a run and the judge won't let Price ask about Site Shield.

Lucas calls. He saw the defendant right after the murder but won't talk unless his case for assaulting a Jewish girl is dismissed.

Price believes Lucas' story. But he brutally assaulted a woman when he heard her speaking Hebrew and he wants all charges dropped.

McCoy thinks that since Ackerman died and the other victim didn't, they should make the deal. Price doesn't want to when there's so much anti-Semitism right now. But McCoy thinks they need to win the case. Price doesn't think winning is worth it in this case. He thinks that the deal is a good idea, but it's up to Price.

Price puts Lucas on the stand. The defense attorney brings up Lucas' crimes and the deal that was made.

Price redirects.He points out that Hobbs would be more likely to be on the side of someone who killed a Jew than the Jew. Hobbs agrees.

The jury finds the defendant guilty. Price looks upset.

Hobbs thanks Price, who warns him this was a one-time deal.

Maroun thinks Price made the right call.

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Law & Order Season 22 Episode 16 Quotes

Say what you want about sticks and stones, but words today can definitely get you killed.


Shaw: I read his website every morning. One of the only unbiased news sources around.
Cosgrove: Man was a legend. Now he's a headline.