A Mysterious Cover-Up - Law & Order
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Some high powered executive is angry he steps in vomit and decides he needs to get in a physical confrontation with some homeless people. A guy threatens to hurt him if he doesn't leave the community alone.

A body is found in the park. It is a homeless guy, Venezuelan (maybe the guy who fought with the executive).

The victim is identified as Luis Morales, who was an immigrant that was sent to New York on a bus from Texas and the city never helped him.

Security footage shows the fight and the cops go to talk to the executive, who says the shelter is a mess and that half the people in it are illegal immigrants who shouldn't be here. He pays 10K/month and shouldn't have to put up with these punks. He has an alibi for the time of the murder.

Another woman in the building says she pulled a gun on Luis because he was trying to steal her phone. He said he was borrowing it to make a call and wouldn't leave until she paid him for the work he did. So she pulled a gun on him.

The woman's gun doesn't match the murder weapon and Luis did make a call on her phone. He was calling a journalist who works a block from the crime scene.

The journalist says he interviewed Luis about the migrant bus situation. He was supposed to meet him last night and he never showed. He said Luis told him he knew something about a murder.

Shaw fills in Dixon. She wonders why Luis didn't call the cops. Shaw and Cosgrove suggest he was scared because of his immigration status. Security footage shows that the journalist was on the other side of the park waiting during the murder.

The shelter director says that nothing was odd that morning. Luis was working odd jobs. But he left with another resident who has a heroin problem. The other resident has disappeared.

While staking out Obi's hangout, Cosgrove and Shaw discuss whether Luis was involved with drugs. Shaw says Luis got a raw deal, tried to come  to the US, was undocumented, etc. Obi turns up and promptly runs away from the cops. He eventually falls over some trash bins and says he doesn't have any drugs. He's shocked to hear Luis is dead and says he tried to warn him. Shaw says if he tells them everything he will look the other way on the possession charge.

Obi says Luis was trying to help him stay sober. They went to a construction site looking for work under the table. THey saw something they shouldn't have seen.

The cops go to the construction site and order the work shut down so they can search. They find two skeletons buried on the site.

The cops question Randall, the foreman, who claims he doesn't know anything about the bodies or about Luis seeing him. Shaw says that Luis had his own place and had a journal saying he worked for Randall. Cosgrove said Luis had a phone and took photos too. Randall says he remembers Luis but he didn't pour the concrete. Cosgrove says Randall is a terrible liar who needs to come clean. Randall says he didn't kill anyone. Two migrants sneaked onto site and took an elevator that had a 120-pound max and they were too heavy and broke the elevator and died. Cosgrove said and you didn't think you should call the cops? Randall said there had been a lot of accidents and they were at risk of being shut down. SO he called Mr. Wise, his boss. Wise is a weel-known developer. He said he'd take care of Luis so the site didn't get shut down.

Dixon reports the ME findings and the elevator being broken as Randall claimed. Randall was in Queens at the time of the murder.

Stakeout at Wise's apartment. Randall is wired as he tells him the cops found the bodies. Wise says you don't know anything about the murder and claims he didn't have anything to do with it either. He denies telling Randall he would take care of Luis. He fires Randall.

They zoom in on the security guard and see he is armed with a weapon that is the same caliber as the murder weapon. They confront him and he tries to reach for his weapon. They arrest him.

The DA's office has evidence of murder. The lawyer wants them to get to the point. Price wants to know who paid the man to kill Luis. Possibly they would offer Man 1, 20 years. The security guard wants 10 years or he'll let Wise pay to get him out of trouble.

McCoy doesn't like this idea. Price thinks Wise is a bigger threat to society. He has allowed a lot of workers to die and covered it up. McCoy says it's not necessary illegal to hire migrant workers, and lots of them die in accidents. Price says but this is murder. McCoy says okay, make the deal if you can get the conviction.

Belski testifies that Wise hired him to silence Luis. He was paid the next day. The defense attorney goes into a big speech about how Randall was fired. He has financial records that $100k is missing from a slush fund -- didn't Randall order the killing? Belski denies it.

Financial records show Randall did withdraw the money. There is no video, and Randall is not a reliable witness. However, Wise's housekeeper was present at the meeting where Randall was fired. Maroun says Wise doesn't think of the help as human so he would forget that she heard anything.

The housekeeper doesn't want to talk to Samantha but she talks to them in Lebanese and the woman's daughter is impressed that an immigrant from Lebanon could become a lawyer. The woman sends her daughter away and talks to Maroun but freezes up when Maroun asks about Wise. She does tell Maroun that Wise told Beliski he was paying him etc. However the housekeeper is here illegally. McCoy says that they need her and will protect her as best as possible.

Price asks for a continuance because Sarayah has disappeared. It turns out she is in ICE custody.

ICE will not help Maroun. She threatens the ICE director. She tells him she has a big mouth and can get loud about a federal agency abetting a murder.

Sarayah tells Maroun that her daughter has been taken away from her. Maroun says if she testifies they will postpone the removal hearing. The delay will help them find a way to let her stay in the country.

Sarayah testifies. She saw Belski leave with a duffel bag and heard him and Wise plotting.  The defense attorney can't b elieve Wise said these things in front of her. He asks if she is in the US legally. Did the DA's office offer she could stay in this country in exchange for staying in this country? She says she would have testified regardless. She left Lebanon because she was oppressed and she believes there is opportunity for people like her in this country.

Wise is convicted.

McCoy tells Maroun that ICE lied and has already deported Sarayah and her daughter to Lebanon.


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Law & Order Season 22 Episode 10 Quotes

Woman: Luis' parents told him that this was a land of opportunity and he believed them.
Cosgrove: And you don't?
Woman: Work here a week and then talk to me.

Cop: No wallet, phone, or anything.
Cosgrove: Possible mugging, then?
Shaw: I don't think our vic had anything to steal.
Cosgrove: Beecher House. If he had a place to stay, why was he in the park?