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A woman approaches Price. She says her son is innocent and needs to be let out. Price explains he can't do that and she has to talk to her son's attorney. She is angry. She says her son is innocent.

Maroun and a defense attorney argue about this case. The judge orders an evidentiary hearing.

Shaw testifies. He says Booker confessed. Suddenly alarms go off. The courthouse is in lockdown. A prisoner has attacked a guard and escaped. Shaw runs outside and finds a guard on the ground. The guard says Troy Booker did this to him.

Dixon says they are still running point on this. They need to find out what happened. Violet says a female CO was recently disciplined for getting too close to Booker.

The cops break into a house, looking for Troy and the CO. They find a man inside who tries to kick them out. He says he heard this guy is being screwed. Elana comes back and hopes they never find Booker.

Elana says Booker is a good man who doesn't belong in Rikers. She claims not to have heard from him. She says he didn't kill anyone and is getting his ass kicked every day. She claims not to know where he is. Shaw says Troy confessed, so don't tell us he's innocent. Cosgrove threatens her. She admits he called looking for money and she said she'd help him out. They were supposed to meet at noon.

The cops raid another apartment where Booker's brother dares Cosgrove to shoot him. Shaw finds a fast food receipt and realizes Troy was here. They threaten to arrest Troy's brother. He refuses to cooperate and is arrested. He implies Shaw is betraying Black people.

The cops call Dixon and tell her Booker has to be nearby as the food was ordered 15 minutes ago.

Booker is found. They chase him but he grabs a random lady at gunpoint. Cosgrove tells Shaw to stand down and they will try to negotiate.

Snipers are in position. Shaw says he can talk to Booker since he arrested him.

Hostage negotiator is on the way but Shaw and Cosgrove want Shaw to talk to Booker himself.

Booker is busy threatening a hostage who is crying. Shaw calls. Booker says he's been trying to say for 18 months that he's innocent. Shaw says he has to believe in the system. Booker doesn't. He won't go back to Rikers. While Shaw is arguing with him, Cosgrove sneaks in and holds a gun on him. He manages to arrest Booker.

Price wants to combine the cases. The judge does not allow the defense attorney to file a motion to dismiss the murder even though she says she has proof he's innocent.

The defense attorney tells Price it's her first case but there's a serious injustice going on. She has proof her client didn't commit the murder. She convinces Price to take a look.

It is a video of the murder. It shows Booker did not kill the man. Shaw is upset and says he did not lie to get a false confession. He believed Booker was guilty.

Price says he will dismiss the murder charge and try to get a plea on the escape.

Shaw and Price go to the hospital and find out the guard died. His wound was infected and he died of septic shock.

Price blames himself. McCoy says let's focus on what we will charge him with. Maroun says Murder 2. Price says but Booker didn't mean to kill anyone. He wants to go for Man 1 but McCoy says he was supposed to wait for his trial, not act this way. Price thinks that the system failed Booker buut McCoy says Price's guilt is not a factor here. Murder 2 it is.

At trial, the defense attorney says in her opening that the system killed Foster, not Booker. Booker was held without bail for 18 months. She claims that Price saw him as a disposable Black man and Price is the one who should be locked up.

The defense attorney keeps stipulating to what Shaw is testifying to. Price doesn't understand why. McCoy tells him he did nothing wrong. He says the trurh would have come out eventually and Price needs to stop feeling so guilty. This case will be won on emotion and Nolan needs to deliver an emotional gut punch of his own.

Foster's widow testifies as to her husband's character and how he saved a prisoner's life. The defense attorney starts testifying about how bad  Rikers is and the judge makes her stop.  She starts making a speech about the system being broken and is made to ask a question. She asks if Mrs. Foster knows her husband died from poor medical care. The judge puts a stop to the cross-examination.

Booker takes the stand and says he was never in trouble before and was once pulled over for driving while black. He was arrested for not having insurance. As far as the murder, he says he had smoked a joint and was high when he was questioned and Shaw was smooth and got him to confess. He also claims attacking Foster was self-defense, an inmate was attacking him at Rikers and threatened to kill him. Would any of them just surrender?

The DA's office offers Man 1, 15 years. Booker says he wasn't supposed to be at Rikers and Price made him attack that CO. He won't accept any jail time. There are things he wants to do in his life. He tells Price what he can do with his plea deal.

Shaw wants Price to offer a better plea. He says they failed Booker and they owe him. Price says he will contact Rikers, no guarantees.

Maroun has the surveiliance video. There is no evidence that Booker was attacked. Fraizer again tries to make a speech about conditions at Rikers. On redirect, the warden says that Booker had other options besides killing a guard and escaping if he was being threatened.

Price meets Shaw in a bar and says there's nothing they can do now about Booker having been innocent in the first place. Shaw doesn't see how they move past this. He accuses Price of not caring. Price says he has a job to do and giving speeches about inequities doesn't help anyone. Shaw says he had become a lawyer to fight the system and that didn't work out so he became a cop instead and wanted to keep innocent Black men out of jail, not put them in there. Price says no matter how hard they try, they make mistakes. Shaw is not satisfied with this.

Jury is back. Troy is found guilty. Price and Shaw exchange guilty looks.


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Law & Order Season 22 Episode 9 Quotes

Elana: What the hell?
Shaw: We're here to talk about your friend, Troy Booker.
Elana: Why? What happened?
Shaw: He attacked a guard and escaped.
Elana: Good. I hope you never find him.

Woman: Excuse me, are you Nolan Price?
Price: Yes. What can I do for you?
Woman: You can let my son out of jail, stop pretending he's guilty.