No Apparent Motive - Law & Order
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A graduate student finds some flowers on her stoop and then gets shot. The classmate who found her is in shock. Evidence shows it's not a robbery -- is it an execution?

The witness saw a van speeding off. The victim was her study partner. She says last week the victim didn't want to go to a bar in Dumbo because a bartender was bothering her and followed her around.

Said bartender runs from the cops (doubly smart while opening the bar.) When he's caught he insists he didn't do anything wrong and he only ran because he had coke on him. He says Emily spread rumors and made his girlfriend break up with him. He is shocked to hear Emily is dead and has an alibi.

Emily is a foster care child so there is no next of kin to notify.  Security video shows a guy helping Emily when Nathan attacked. Bobby threatened to kill her when he thought she was cheating on him.

Bobby says he can't believe Emily is gone. He says he was venting because she never had time, yet went out all dressed up for a family emergency.

The cops find out that Emily went to a church two nights ago, right before the murder. The pastor says only that Emily was worried about her foster brother, Lonnie, who constantly needed money.

Cosgrove doesn't like that the pastor is well off and in his opinion fleecing the congregation. Shaw says prosperity means something different if you are poor and Black.

The cops talks to Lonnie who says he needed money for his rent. Emily wired 2k to his landlord

GPS shows Emily went to a pawn shop. There are security cameras. There was a guy hanging around with no face. The guy also is driving a van that looks like the one Emily's friend saw. The cops ID the man and he has priors so they decide to bring in. The cops break into a house and find a guy with a broken leg.

The man says he gave the van to the church. Pastor Mike is a good man. Pastor Mike has given the van to the vice-pastor. He wants to know why the cops are asking about Emily. He denies involvement and demands to be called Reverend Sherman. Cosgrove says he knows who Sherman is. Sherman shoves Cosgrove and gets arrested.

Sherman says he left the keys on the tire in case anyone needed the van. Cosgrove says he's searching the van. Sherman implies that Shaw should be on his side because he's Black.

At arraignment, the defense attorney tries to claim there's no evidence etc. The judge says argue that at trial and sets bail at 1 million.

The DAs agree that they need to find a motive.

The cops try to talk to Pastor Mike who says he doesn't have time. Cosgrove says he is not asking. He is telling. They want to know why Sherman paid Emily 50k the day of the murder. Pastor Mike refuses to talk.

Price and Maroun are claiming Pastor Mike hired Sherman to kill Emily.  They want Sherman to turn on Pastor Mike. Sherman is not interested in being a rat. However he changes his mind at the last second. He says that Pastor Mike wanted him to kill Emily because she was going to call the cops if he didn't return Lonnie's donation.

The DAs talk to Lonnie. He says he gave 40K. Emily wasn't a believer like him. He's shocked by the idea that Pastor Mike could be involved. Lonnie insists Pastor Mike is a healer who got him off heroin. He throws the DAs out.

The detectives show up while Pastor Mike is asking for money. They arrest him in front of his congregation.

Pastor Mike thinks Reverend Sherman made this whole thing up and this is ridiculous. He also asks for a lawyer.

Reverend Sherman backtracks on the stand and says he was lying to get a deal. Mike's lawyer objects to Price badgering him and t judge agrees.

Mike's attorney visited Sherman in jail, which is witness tampering but they can't prove it. Maroun finds out Mike called someone else after talking to Sherman -- a senior pastor who is not involved on a daily basis.

The senior pastor won't talk, citing confidentiality. He won't give in to pressure by the cops.

McCoy says the pastor is correct and he doesn't want Price to attack the church. Price insists he has to do this.

The defense attorney is offended. The judge grants a limited opportunity to prove fraud.

A man testifies he lost everything to Pastor Mike and Pastor Mike used his donations to line his pockets. The defense attorney says the man lost 200k gambling. The man says Mike stole from him.

Lonnie testifies for the defense and says Pastor Mike helped him get clean. PRice points out Lonnie is broke. Lonnie says he owes Pastor Mike.

The defense attorney's closing is that this is religion, not fraud. There was no coercion. Price says fraud can be manipulation by an authority figure. What Mike did is not religion, it's fraud.

The judge agrees with Price and says there is no privilege.

Lonnie asks Price why he is destroying his church and insists that they want to give Mike their money. Lonnie says he loves Emily but she's gone and he can't be convinced Mike is involved. He says if Price destroys Pastor Mike he will be left with nothing.

Pastor Brian is forced to testify. He says Mike said he wanted to pray because he transgressed and that it's not right for him to break confidentiality. The judge explains if he doesn't answer he will be held in contempt.  Brian finally admits Mike said he had told Reverend Sherman to kill Emily. The defense wants to make a deal now. Price goes to talk to Lonnie.

Price goes to Lonnie's apartment and finds Lonnie on the floor ODing.

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Law & Order Season 22 Episode 13 Quotes

Shaw: Cell phone's still here, wallet, credit cards, money.
Cosgrove: Doesn't look like anyone tossed the place inside. Jewelry's still on the nightstand.
Shaw: So it's not a robbery, not an assault. Double taps to the chest. Starting to feel like an execution. The question is, why?
Cosgrove: Sad. Seems like she was going places, too.
Shaw: Too bad she'll never get there now.

Cop: It looks like it all went down outside.
Shaw: Cameras?
Cop: Off-campus housing, security is pretty lax.