On Law & Order Season 21 Episode 5, Price and Maroun try to tie a right-wing shock jock to the murder of a Democratic Congressional candidate.

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Law & Order Season 21 Episode 5 revolves around questions of free speech and where the line can be drawn between shocking speech and incitement to riot.

When a Congressional candidate is literally thrown under a bus, the cops quickly discover that his right-wing opponents accused him of being part of a child sex trafficking operation and that the smear campaign included Photoshopped images of the man with underage girls. A day laborer named Manny Lopez committed the act, but Lopez was a fan of a shock jock named Jordan Reed, who used his podcast platform as well as social media to claim that Democrats were destroying the country.

After Lopez's arrest, he quickly turns on Reed, but he is found dead in his cell before he can testify. Reed's attorney wants the charges dropped, but Price thinks he can make a case for Murder 2 as Reed's posts incited Manny's desire to kill. Reed's attorney claims that this is an attack on free speech, but the judge allows it.

Samantha thinks they need more to make such an extraordinary case, especially since their evidence only proves that the messages and photos were sent from Reed's computer, not that Reed authored them.

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On Law & Order Season 21 Episode 5, Bernard and Cosgrove investigate the murder of a congressional candidate while Price and Maroun deal with an extremist plot.

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Law & Order Season 21 Episode 5 Quotes

Man: I heard he was running for Congress and the power brokers in the Democratic Party were making him out to be the best new thing. Like AOC only with brains. That was a joke. Sorry. Didn't mean to offend your left wing sensibilities.
Bernard: You didn't offend us. It wasn't funny.
Man: Ooh. Tough crowd.
Cosgrove: More like an impatient crowd. We're investigating a murder.

Cosgrove: Got the bus cam footage.
[After watching] Bernard: There's a lot of hate behind that push.
Cosgrove: Yeah. The question is why.