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At a debate between a conservative and a liberal, the conservative tries to claim that Democrats are running a secret pedophile ring. The liberal is offended and walks out.

Later, two guys are talking about the lack of civility and people not being able to disagree anymore when they see someone get hit by a bus. The cops are called in because someone pushed the person in front of a bus.

The bus driver can't describe the assailant as he was wearing a face mask. Cosgrove has gotten the bus cam footage.

The cops question the victim's wife. She says Derek was a good person who was going to run for Congress to make a difference. The kids come running downstairs and she sends them away. She says Derek got into an argument with a man. The man called him a liar and a phony and Derek pushed him away.

The other man is interviewed. He says that they had an argument over a business transaction but he loved him. He met him for coffee a few days ago and pledged a million dollars to his campaign. He says there was a guy following them the last time he saw Derek.

The cops look at security footage. They can see the suspect but not his face. He has a red baseball cap and a jacket from the NYPD 19 softball team.

The guy says he was hired to find dirt on Derek. He couldn't find anything.

The guy from the radio show is interviewed and asks how he can help. He doesn't want to talk about why he hired a PI. He cracks anti-left-wing jokes and claims he is an antidote to left-wing elites who regular people don't care about.

Computer crimes shows deleted emails of Derek with an underage girl.

Derek's wife says this makes no sense and that Derek would never be involved with something like this; She recognizes one of the girls.

The cops interview the girl's father who was angry about the photos but says that Derek died before he could confront him. He IDs the other girl as a friend of his daughter.

The other father realizes that the photos were photoshopped from a photo his wife posted.

On a right-wing forum, the cops find someone crowing about Hoyt's death.

The cops bring in the suspect, a guy named Manny. They have video footage of him right before Hoyt was killed. Manny says Hoyt was the senior member of a sex-trafficking cabal that is destroying the country. He loves his country so he did what he had to do. He is arrested,

Bail is set at 2 million, as there is a GoFundMe page for him.

Samantha finds out that someone was posting lies about how Hoyt was going to kidnap a young girl and traffic her. The poster said that someone had to have the courage to stop the liberal cabal that was destroying the country. Price says that Bernard and Cosgrove need to find out who wrote the messages.

The cops interrupt a broadcast. Reed makes a speech on the air about how he is being persecuted because he's speaking up against liberals. He claims that the "black cop" is trying to threaten him and kicks them out.

Price tells McCoy that Reed is the poster and also communicated directly with the President. He can't see any other reason for them to have talked other than a conspiracy as Reed was a rich 5th Avenue man and Lopez was a day laborer.

The DA's office attempts to make a deal with Lopez. Lopez says they talked about the left-wing fascists and says that Reed is a good guy. Samantha tries to tell him that Reed was lying. Manny's lawyer encourages him to save himself rather than protecting Reed. Manny says that Reed said Hoyt was dangerous and that they needed people to take action to neutralize him.

At arraignment, Reed's attorney claims Reed has committed no crime. There are protesters outside demanding Reed be released

Nolan makes the opening statement and says Reed monetized hatred and outrage and manipulated Manny to kill Hoyt.

The defense attorney claims this case is so simple it's confusing. Manny killed Hoyt, not Reed, and this is criminalization of free speech. He says this is like if he hated the Jets and said that the coach should die and someone killed him.

Price gets a notification and has to go to the hospital. Apparently Lopez committed suicide in his cell (did he really?)

Reed's attorney claims the case should be dismissed because Manny was the whole case. Price agrees to dropping the murder for hire wants to proceed with Murder 2 under the theory of depraved indifference to human life. The defense attorney claims that this is all covered under freedom of speech. The judge agrees that Price has a case.

In court, testimony is given proving that the photos were sent from Reed's computer. On cross-examination the defense attorney argues that there's no proof that he actually made the posts rather than someone else using his computer.

Samantha says they need more. They need to show that Reed knew Manny would kill Hoyt based on his posts. Price said they have what they have.  Samantha says this is groundbreaking. Price realizes Manny went to three rallies where Reed was a speaker. They talk to another guy who was at the rally who claims they were only talking about sports, etc, and never about Hoyt. Samantha thinks they have to turn it over to the defense. Price says they have to figure out how to win this case.

The defense attorney puts the guy on the stand that claimed that Reed never talked about Hoyt. According to him, they talked about how they didn't like that the liberals don't let them state their point of view.

Price cross examines. The guy says Reed had rallies once a week. Price wants a subpoena for the phones, the surveillance footage, etc. Samantha says they rested already, it's too late.

Reed testifies. He claims he never participated in online discussions and maybe an employee used his computer. On cross he claims that he never closed his door and he had the password available next to his computer. He also makes a speech about how important freedom of speech is. He didn't want any violence. The defense attorney 0objects to video being introduced. Price says it will directly contradict what the defendant just said so the judge would allow it. The video clip has Reed saying that if they could get some of these idiots to kill a liberal it would make them the #1 media company in the world. Reed claims he was joking.

Reed is found guilty and immediately tries to slap his attorney. He shouts about how the true patriots will win.



Law & Order
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Law & Order Season 21 Episode 5 Quotes

Man: I heard he was running for Congress and the power brokers in the Democratic Party were making him out to be the best new thing. Like AOC only with brains. That was a joke. Sorry. Didn't mean to offend your left wing sensibilities.
Bernard: You didn't offend us. It wasn't funny.
Man: Ooh. Tough crowd.
Cosgrove: More like an impatient crowd. We're investigating a murder.

Cosgrove: Got the bus cam footage.
[After watching] Bernard: There's a lot of hate behind that push.
Cosgrove: Yeah. The question is why.