On Law & Order Season 22 Episode 2, the death of a governor's daughter leads to a controversial case about abortion rights when some states have banned the practice.

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Law & Order Season 22 Episode 2 revolves around a topical and controversial case.

When a young woman is found dead in the park, witnesses state she was the victim of a violent mugger. However, the woman is quickly identified as the daughter of the governor of Texas, a conservative politician who signed an abortion ban into law recently, and after a few false leads, the cops discover that Becca was in New York to have an abortion.

Becca's brother is arrested for the murder. Price has texts showing that Blake promised his mother to kill his sister. McCoy is concerned about putting the mother on the stand but Price insists.

The case hinges on the testimony of the volunteer who helped Becca get an abortion, but she is worried that if she testifies, she will be charged with kidnapping because Becca was only 17. However, Blake's defense is that Becca didn't want an abortion and the volunteer made her, then killed her when she tried to back out. Marhoun tries to get the worker to testify so that Becca's family can't use her death to intimidate other women who want an abortion.

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On Law & Order Season 22 Episode 2, a politician's daughter is found dead after an alleged mugging and the team must figure out what really happened.

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Law & Order Season 22 Episode 2 Quotes

Shaw: Hey. What are you doing? The suspect was described as white, age 20 - 40, with a baseball cap.
Cop: I was just -
Shaw: You were just. If you could stick to looking for suspects that actually look like the description that was broadcast, that would be great.

I've had three friends mugged in the last two months. What is wrong with this city?