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A girl walks through NYC. She seems lost and is checking her phone and trying to ask for directions. She is freaked out by a bunch of breakfancers who then try to take her purse. A homeless guy with mental health issues also scares her.

Later, Shaw and Cosgrove find the girl's body. A cop that is reminiscent of Blue Bloods' Eddie Janko says a white male w a baseball cap has been reported as having stolen the pink purse. The girl was from Austin, TX.

Cosgrove questions a witness who heard the girl scream and saw the mugger. She saw his face. Another witness complains about the crime in the city. A uniformed cop wastes everyone's time harassing a person of color when the perp is white and gets lectured by Shaw before Cosgrove catches a potential perp, but it's not him.

The victim was Becca Carter, the daughter of the governor of Texas.  Dixon says that the governor was on Fox saying there's too much crime in liberal cities. This is going to be a controversial case.

Security footage shows a possible suspect, Caberra.

Cosgrove tries to tell Shaw he didn't agree with the uniform earlier but the suspect shows up and promptly runs away. The cops give chase. The suspect hits Shaw in the head with a chair in a stairwell bt Shaw seems to be okay somehow. Cosgrove corners the suspect who jumps onto a sidewalk. Satisfyingly, Shaw gets him.

The suspect insists he didn't kill anyone. Shaw says they have video while Cosgrove talks to Dixon. The suspect says he was at work late and running to his second job. Shaw suggests he stop hitting cops with chairs.

The governor of Texas does a press conference vowing not to leave until he gets justice for his daughter and demanding a federal response. The cops introduce themselves. He apologizes to them for his harshness and says his daughter was here on a college visit at Tompkins. Mother says she told her the city was too dangerous.

The cops go to the university. The dean says Becca didn't seem interested in being here. She was also arguing with her student host.

The host says she was angry that Becca wasn't taking the program seriously. Becca refused to go to class this morning and that's why she had a fight with her. She knew that Becca met someone at a local cafe.

The cops get security footage and finds out that Becca met a woman. Cosgrove recognizes her -- she's the witness who called 911.

Cosgrove has ID'd the woman as Drea Clark, also of Austin. They likely traveled together. Cosgrove guesses they were having an affair and Clark killed her. Dixon says no there was another witness. But the other witness only saw a white male running away.

The cops monitor Drea. They catch her at Port Authority, waiting for a bus. She tells the cops she is going home. She knows she lied but it's not what they think. She is arrested and says she was trying to protect Becca. She swears she had nothing to do with the murder. She is a volunteer for an organization that assisted women in traveling out of Texas to get abortions. Since Texas has banned abortion, Becca didn't know what else to do. Dixon asks how this works. Drea says the cover story was Becca's idea. She was looking for logistical support and had to be careful because of her dad. The medical abortion made her very sick. Drea says Becca was very brave and went back to the school the next morning. She was supposed to take her to a followup appointment but when she got there, BEcca was being murdered. She didn't tell the cops to respect Becca's privacy.

A doctor confirms Becca had a medical abortion. Cosgrove says that Becca was 17 so her father had a right to know.

The detectives question Becca's boyfriend. The governor refuses to allow them privacy. The cops have to ask about the abortion in front of him. Ty says he wanted her to get that abortion. The father kicks the cops out. They ask him for his alibi. He won't talk without a lawyer. The mother cries.

The flight manifest shows that Becca's brother Blake was not on the same flight. The cops realize Blake might be the murderer!

Blake is arrested and the governor threatens to ruin the cops' careers.

Marhoun says that Becca's possessions were in Blake's room, including the pill bottle. Meanwhile Carter has been on Hannity discrediting the witness as an abortion activist. Also, McCoy doesn't like Price calling the mother as a witness. Price has evidence the mother knew that Becca was pregnant. McCoy is worried about the jury's reaction to going after a grieving mother. Price says but this will show the jury how hypocritical she is. McCoy warns Price to be careful and that the right to choose isn't on trial here.

At trial, Barbara testifies. She knew Becca was pregnant and asked Blake to find her. She claims she was worried about her as was Blake. She says Blake was upset but we are a pro-life family. She refuses to read a text until the judge makes her. The text was Blake saying he would kill Becca. Blake dkd not tell her what happened. However she says Blake would not hurt his sister and says how dare you patronize me? Price apologizes. The defense attorney  offers condolences and not cross-examination.

Drea tells Marhoun she is not going to testify.

It turns out Drea is worried about going to jail -- she's pleading the fifth. McCoy says there is no such law. There is. Drea can be charged with federal kidnapping and get 10 years in prison. McCoy is disgusted that an abortion activist would not take a stand on someone killed for having an abortion, but they have no jurisdiction to provide her immunity and they have almost no case. They only have the other witness.

Simone testifies. She IDs Blake as the attacker.

The defense attorney gets up and she is forced to admit that she didn't see Blake. The defense attorney asks if she has been pregnant and claims that they nened to show bias. The judge won't allow it but Simone doesn't care and says she will talk about it. She admits an abortion saved her life two years ago and she won't let him make her feel bad about it. She says she is aware the family is pro some lives. The attorney claims she has a problem with his client. She says she doesn't care about his client as she is lucky enough to live in a state where abortion is legal. On redirect she says again that she saw Blake.

Blake is called to the stand next. Blake says his mother asked him to track Becca down and he used the Maps app to find her. She was upset when he found her and confessed she had an abortion. He was angry but it was so heartbroken and Becca knew she had made a mistake. He denies attacking her. He claims that Becca wanted to keep the baby and Drea forced her to go through with this. He went to get her water and when he came back she was arguing with the woman and the woman pushed her. He panicked and took off. He didn't tell the cops because he wanted justice.

Price cross-examines and questions how Blake could not tell anyone. Blake says the lawyers told him not to. Blake denies pushing Becca. Marhoun thinks the jury will see right through this. Price hopes so.

Marhoun meets Drea at a bar. She promises she's only here to get a drink. Drea says her phone has been blowing up. Becca didn't regret her decision. Marhoun thinks it's a shame no one will get to hear that. She asks why Drea volunteered. Drea wanted to help. It was supposed to be anonymous. And if she testifies she could go to prison. Marhoun says if she doesn't, Becca will be used to scare other women out of having abortions. Drea doesn't want to sacrifice herself. Marhoun says it is her choice. That's the point.

Drea testifies. (Note: can the prosecution unrest once it rests?). She saw Blake shove Becca.

The jury finds Blake guilty of murder. His mother cries.

There are protesters outside. Drea doesn't want a police escort through the protesters. She is going back to Texas to help women who have no voice. Someone shoots her as she walks away. Marhoun is shocked.

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Law & Order Season 22 Episode 2 Quotes

Shaw: Hey. What are you doing? The suspect was described as white, age 20 - 40, with a baseball cap.
Cop: I was just -
Shaw: You were just. If you could stick to looking for suspects that actually look like the description that was broadcast, that would be great.

I've had three friends mugged in the last two months. What is wrong with this city?