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Hope learns that Landon is missing, and sets out to find him. 

Things take a turn when Rafael turns up outside the school and they slowly start to realize that there's something amiss with him. 

He slowly started to reveal there was more to what happened than meets the eye. 

He said they went on the mission to MG's home town, and found themselves ostracized when MG's mother wanted him to be well away from the drama. 

MG went forward and met his father, but slowly revealed the truth about him being a vampire, and things took a turn. 

He decided to compel his father to forget everything. 

MG was later upset and killed Landon, prompting Rafael to bite him. 

As he lay dying, Alaric, Kaleb, and Hope showed up. Hope reluctantly decided to allow MG the cure from her bloodstream. 

When everyone found Landon's body, they were in shock. 

When they geared up to say goodbye, his body went on fire and just ashes remained. 

He rose like a phoenix from the ashes, revealing his power for the first time. 

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Legacies Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Kaleb: Hold up, do you smell that?
Alaric: What is it?
Kaleb: Blood.

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Landon and MG are out there. We need to do something.