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The gang head to Maple Springs, and find themselves in trouble when the town is shut down. 

Clark appears in a FEMA tent and wants to know more about Alaric and Hope, and their connection to Landon. 

Alaric shuts him down, but agrees to let Kaleb work to stop everyone in the city thinking there's an issue. 

Kaleb steals the urn because he compels someone, but Clark tracks them down, and uses Emma and Dorian as bargaining chips. 

They do the trade. 

Hope wants to know why Lizzie hates her, and the pair start to chat about the past. 

Lizzie admits that Josie said she was the one who set the fire and trashed her for being crazy. 

However, Josie later admits she had a crush on Hope and left a letter in her room. She later worried so she set fire to it and it ruined Hope's only painting with her father. 

Emma tells Dorian all about her kiss with Alaric, but Dorian takes it the wrong way and punches Alaric. 

He also quits the school. 

Clark puts part two of Malivore into the tar and it begins. 


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