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The kids are sent to Mystic Falls for community service for the part they played in the fight with the Mystic Falls students. 

Lizzie has a drink poured over her, and returns to the school, allowing Josie and Hope to bond. 

Lizzie is attacked by the Gargoyle and finds herself with a greyscale injury. 

Alaric, Hope, and Josie attempt to take the villain down, but Josie notices that Alaric tried to save Hope. 

Alaric sends Dorian away from the school with the dagger in the hopes that it will stop all of the creatures from making their way to the school. 

However, two Mystic Falls high school students are caught off guard and attacked by another species. 

Meanwhile, Landon and Rafael make some quick cash by betting on how quickly Rafael can scale a building. 

They are attacked in the woods as they count their cash, but Jeremy saves them and tells them the pitfalls of what will happen to them if they continue on their current path. 

They return to the school. 

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Legacies Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Alaric: Tell me what you know about Gargoyles.
Dorian: Did you say Gargoyles?

Pedro: Aren't you supposed to help?
Lizzie: Consider this a life lesson, Pedro.