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Hope is trying to have a nice and positive outlook.

She takes Cleo away from the school and tells her she thinks Malivore is after her.

They lower the defenses at the school and another monster appears.

A banshee.

They talk it to the school and Jed goes out of his way to become the mouthpiece for it.

The Banshee says that someone is dying, and Hope quizzes who.

It says Landon and that Cleo is to blame.

Cleo goes on the run from the school and Hope catches up. Hope gets ride of the Bone Man, or whatever his name is and they return.

Alaric tells the Banshee her son survived and had a life with a child named after her. The Banshee dies.

Hope and Landon are in bed but the Bone Man returns and takes some of their hair.

Ethan and MG start crimefighting.

They go up against a werewolf at the school that is later revealed to be Finch. Lizzie learns about it and lies to Josie that her girlfriend is cheating on her.


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Legacies Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

You just gave me your weapon, buddy.


You forgot your sweater. I thought you might need it after the ice-cold way you violated twin code.