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Hope returns to the school, but everyone has forgotten who she is.

We head three years into the past to learn that Alaric and Hope are looking for Landon.

They go to a weird shop and the man attacks them and runs off with Alaric's car.

Hope goes into the therapy box and finds herself in a slasher movie, where she unmasks Landon as the killer.

Landon tries to get a breakthrough with her, but Hope declines.

Alaric is double-crossed.

Lizzie heads to the prison world to see if there is anything from Landon, but she and M.G. start to make sense of their friendship.

Meanwhile, Josie meets a new girl at Mystic Falls High named Finch, and decides to attend the school.

She gets Lizzie's seal of approval in the end.

Hope realizes that Landon is gone and there is no way to save him, but just as she throws her last wish away, it lights up.

Landon is seen in what seems to be a great void, but we don't know where it is.

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Legacies Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Landon: You look pretty.
Hope: A lot less bloody.

Hope: I think this game's stupid.
Landon: Yeah.