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The school is struggling financially due to the events leading to all the students leaving the school.

Lizzie proposes that they throw a fundraising month and while most people politely decline, they are all forced to accept when Alaric reveals the school owes $91,000 in taxes.

Lizzie wants to go to supernatural means, but Alaric warns Kaleb to talk her away from it.

Lizzie is ultimately shocked when a leprechaun appears and lots of people arrive at the school wanting to buy anything and everything.

Hope prepares to say goodbye to Landon, but she realizes a prison world is around if a new monster is at the school.

She and Cleo team up to find it but Cleo kills the leprechaun and Hope flips out.

Josie bails on her date with Finch, but tries to fix things later in the day and Finch accepts.

Alaric ponders whether it will be a good idea to go to the supernatural for help.

Meanwhile, MG revealed he had the ascendant the whole time and Hope sets out to find Landon.

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