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Cleo is in Ken's dream.

He wakes up and tells Aurora that they need to kill the tribrid.

He later catches Cleo in his mind, but he's awake... and stronger.

He tells her they need to kill the tribrid, but she declines.

He then tells her that he has Kaleb and will kill him if she doesn't get the tribrid.

She tearfully lets Kaleb die.

At the school, Hope realizes Lizzie might have to die to save everyone.

She agrees, but Alaric is mad.

They throw a party for what could be their last night alive.

Ben and Jed mend fences and Ben says he will stay with Jed all night.

Aurora has a heart to heart with Jen and she learns that Ken is a bad person.

Landon meets the Ferryman, aka Lynn, aka Ken's sister.

She tells him of the hardships she's faced but that she knows he will do the job better than her.

He accepts her proposal ... if it allows Ted to pass through to the other side.

Ted thanks him and they say goodbye.

Cleo returns to the school, upset about what happened.

Lizzie tells MG she loves him back,

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