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Lizzie embarks on a mission to find Hope.

When she finds her, she finds Aurora in her body.

They make an alliance to take down Hope.

Aurora shows Lizzie a coffin for the gods that will send Hope to the bottom of the ocean.

Lizzie puts Aurora inside and Hope arrives.

Just when Lizzie thinks she's gotten through to Hope, Hope kills her.

Josie concedes that she needs to leave the school and makes a big decision.

She prepares to leave and wants Finch to go, but Finch says she needs to do what's right for her.

Josie leaves and a ghostly presence of Lizzie appears on the bus to say goodbye to her sister.

We jump back to Lizzie waking up from the dead and telling Hope she's hungry.

Ethan admits he helped Lizzie make the weapon to kill Hope and MG tells him to leave this school.

A shadowy individual makes a return after taking the bandages off, leaving Jed shocked.

In purgatory, they all have enough coins to escape but the Sphinx returns with another riddle for them to solve.

What does it mean?

We have no clue but we'll need to tune in when the series returns to find out.

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Legacies Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

I hate that I have to be the one to do this because no one else will. But most of all, I hate you for being my friend and for being part of my weird messed up family and for making me love you, Hope Mikaelson. No matter how far you go, how evil you become, apparently I can’t be the one to stop you.


If monsters are real, why not divine beings?