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Landon, Alaric, and Ted talked about whether or not they would make a deal with the Jinni in Limbo, whose price for three wishes was three souls. They decided to accept the grave terms. Landon made his wish, which brought him to Mystic Falls Cemetery, along with Ted, but Alaric was nowhere to be found. The Jinni appeared to warn them that if they were to show themselves to their living friends, they could drive them mad, so Landon pretended to be a ghost so that he could talk to Wade. Wade revealed to Landon and Ted that Alaric's not dead. The Ferryman then brought Landon and Ted back to Limbo. Alaric used his wish to turn Ted back into the Necromancer. The Necromancer revived Alaric but kept Landon in Limbo with him. Landon vowed to stay and help Ted reach Peace. Meanwhile, Aurora was kidnapped by Hope. Hope tortured Aurora, which Lizzie disagreed with, wanting her to kill her already or try one of her plans. Hope was unwilling to help Lizzie enter Aurora's mind, treating Lizzie like a petulant child. Lizzie apologized to Aurora, who, in her weakened state, believed Lizzie to be her brother Tristan. Hope was not satisfied with only getting intel, so she created a hybrid version of Papa Tunde's Blade to further torture Aurora. Hope then asked Lizzie to kill Aurora, but Lizzie broke the sire bond so that she wouldn't have to. Lizzie enlisted Aurora to help her find Jen. Hope began to feel emotions again, so she killed an innocent to remain a monster. 

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Legacies Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

The Jinni: When peace is at their very fingertips, it's always I wish to be rich, I wish to be famous, I wish to be Lady Gaga, whoever she is.
Landon: That actually makes a lot of sense.
The Jinni: Bottom line is people wish for the world and the worldly comforts they know. That's the trap.

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