A Risky Plan - Legacies
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Malivore is ready to be destroyed, but the Super Squad can't find the right way to go about it.

He takes them all on a trip into his mind.

He makes Hope choose between saving Landon or MG. She chooses MG and they return back to the present.

They are bonded by the development.

Cleo is trying to piss Malivore off and then meets with everyone else in the subconscious.

Malivore reveals to Kaleb that he was a bloodthirsty killer and killed a lot of people -- more than he was told.

He is upset and feels like his whole life has been a lie.

Finch tries to get to know Josie and learns more about the Gemini twist and what it means.

In the end, Finch says she wants a complicated relationship that rewards her in the end.

This helps her change her view on everything and they are more united.

Hope wakes up with brown eyes and says she has an idea to save everyone.

Malivore learns that Cleo messed with her and became her muse.

Malivore is mad because he thought he had everything all planned out.

Hope and Lizzie bond over the fact that everything is changing.

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