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There's a shootout athe police impoung lot. They guy trying to steal the car gets way. 

Riggs drops his wedding ring in the sink, but he gets it. In Dr. Cahill's office he tells the story about what happened.  She suggests he go out and move on. He walks out.

At the Muraugh house, Roger has some chest pains. Trish and RJ leave, but the chest pains continue.

Riggs and Murtaugh investigate the car and find coke in the door. A tow truck comes to take the truck, but it's not official. Riggs and Murtaugh chase after the fake truck. Riggs is having a great time. 

Murtaugh is having some serious pains and Riggs takes him to the doctor.  The look on his face when he saw Murtaugh grabbing his chest.

Murtaugh wants to go get the tow truck. Riggs doesn't want to go. He wants Murtaugh to rest.

In Avery's office they talk about losing the bad guy. Riggs wants Murtaugh to rest. They lie to Avery. Bailey comes in with the blood sample.

Murtaugh really wants to go question the guy, but Riggs wants to keep things low key. Avery is weirded out.

Murtaugh is at the evidence room and having a tiff with the evidence room guy. Murtaugh finds out that Riggs didn't meet with Cahill. He was out investigating.

The guy Riggs is nosying around about pulls a gun when Murtaugh shows up and saves the day.

Outside the interrogation room, Murtaugh is upset about Riggs blowing him off. Trish comes in. SHe's Dino's lawyer.

Trish gets all the information from Dino. He comes out and tells Riggs and Murtaugh that Daniel is innocent. 

In the office Murtaugh gives information about Trish telling everyone how he's scared. Avery wants him off the case.

Cruz and Bailey question Dino's brother. 

At the arraignment, Trish comes in all friendly. She invites him to dinner. Murtaugh warns him. Riggs is on the stage. He's very nonchalant about it.  Trish tears him apart and she finds out that Riggs was in the hospital.

Riggs is in Cahill's office. Roger and Trish are both pissed at him according to him. Cahill tells Riggs he's afraid of losing Murtaugh.

Trish and Roger are at a dealership to get a car for RJ. They argue about the case. 

Scorsese gives Riggs a file indicating that Daniel's brother, Jerry is the one with the record. Murtaugh isn't mad at Riggs.

The drug pin guy wants Dino to get the drugs. He either has to take care of it or they will kill Jerry  who is in a trunk and beat up.

Murtaugh has a pacemaker issue. He needs to have it replaced.  Roger wants Trish to set up a meeting with Dino so they can find information about Jerry. She wants Roger to sit this one out.

Dino doesn't really want to meet with Trish or the cops. He's got to save his little brother. Riggs finds Dino and has a confrontation outside.  RIggs takes him in to meet with Trish and Roger.

Riggs and Murtaugh go to evidence room to get the coke, but the evidence room guy Monty is being a jerk still, but Riggs uses his charm to get what he needs.

Riggs and Murtaugh prepare for the drug bust. It's just the two of them with Dino.  They got Angelo on tape, but now they are waiting to find his brother.  They bad guys are planning to push Riggs and the car into the bay.

The car goes in the water, but Riggs is able to get out by pushing his hands through the handcuffs but in the process loses his wedding ring.

Avery meets with Riggs and Murtaugh. Dino meets with Trish. Riggs runs into Cahill on the elevator and they talk about his ring.

Trish and Murtaugh are at the hospital. Riggs is at a pawn shop to buy a replacement ring.


Lethal Weapon
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Lethal Weapon Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Isn't the statute of limitations on a grudge up like after 15 years?


Murtaugh: Hey, why don't you write something about a coroner with a big ass afro who keeps looking for love in all the dead places? [Riggs and Murtaugh laugh]
Scorsese: It's always the bald guys with the hair jokes. It's all you have left.
Murtaugh: Look, that's your future. [points at his bald head] Look into the crystal ball.