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A Texas ranger is killed transporting a prisoner.He probably wouldn't be if he wouldn't have tried to sneak the gun from his pants leg considering he had two pointed at him.

Riggs is at a park, feeding his dog. He's accosted by the park police. They give him a ticket. He pulls his badge. Makes fun of the cops and is given three tickets.

Trish is practicing her case with Harper. Roger and Trish have such a wonderful and mature relationship. So refreshing. Riggs gets a call about an officer down.

At the Ranger crime scene, Riggs is complaining to Murtaugh about the bike cops giving him tickets. Murtaugh obviously is siding with the park cops. The victim is Mark Urban. Bailey is at the scene. The prisoner was Wade Davies.

Riggs finds the Ranger's flask. Pours liquor out then takes a swig in honor.

Riggs and Murtaugh are at the morgue when head Ranger Samuel comes in. In the hallway he wants to know what's going on. He shares information. Murtaugh and Samuel don't get off on the right foot.

In Avery's office Riggs and Murtaugh talk about the case. He sends them off to investigate the sheriff's office to see if they had involvement in the case.

Bailey and Cruz show up at the Sheriff's office. They want to talk to a cop, but she isn't available. She's at a fundraiser at the bowling alley. He shows Riggs his perfect game plaque.  

They approach Leila Jones. She's uncomfortable. Someone's dog got shot. Jeffrey Veld approved the route. The deputy is about to get into a fight with Murtaugh. Another cop shows up. His name is Lou. Murtaugh gets ticked off at what the deputy says. Riggs punches the guy in the face.

Avery is having lunch with the David, the Sheriff played by Malcolm-Jamal Warner. He and Avery go back. He wants Avery to keep his detectives from sniffing around the case too much as it might involve some of his own. he's sort of blackmailing Avery.

Back in Avery's office, there's something really bothering him. He wants to know if they found anything specific that links them to the murder. Deputy Jeffrey Veld might be involved. Avery tells them to be delicate, but persistent. As they leave, Riggs knows something is up by the look on Avery's face, but says nothing.

Bailey and Cruz give Murtaugh some information. Scorsese comes to tell them about the dog's autopsy. The bullets that killed the dog are the same that killed the ranger.

Avery meets with Trish on a park bench. He tells her he needs a lawyer for something he did back when he and Murtaugh were partners, but of which Murtaugh knows nothing.

Riggs and Murtaugh raid Veld's place. they find Davies who runs. Riggs chases.Riggs loses Davies and runs into Barton who killed Davies "in self defense". Veld shows up behind Riggs and Murtaugh and Bracken shoots him too.

Riggs comes into Avery's office. He notices Avery has a bottle of scotch on the desk and asks if he can have some. Avery spills his heart to Riggs about what he's being blackmailed for. Riggs figures out what's going on. Now, they have a secret. Riggs wants him to tell Murtaugh. Avery wants Riggs to get the cop who murdered the Ranger.

Bracken and Murtaugh have a face off. 

Murtaugh tells Trish about the confrontation. Avery shows up. He wants to talk to Roger to tell him what's going on. Roger is not happy. He doesn't like that Avery broke the law to enforce the law. He's not very sympathetic to Avery when Avery says he's going to resign. He's not going to forgive Avery. It's hard to believe Murtaugh is being so tough.

Riggs is camped outside of Barton's place. Bracken comes out to the truck. They exchange pleasantries. Riggs tells him he knows he killed the Ranger.

Murtaugh is not happy with Trish representing Avery. Trish is not happy with Roger. They have a perfectly normal and healthy argument.

After Bracken leaves, Riggs breaks into his place snooping, while calling the cops on the break in. He finds a box of bullets and takes them. He leaves before the cops get there. 

Bailey finds information that Barton was involved. They go to tell Avery, but he's not in his office. Murtaugh thinks it's strange and has Bailey get a line on Avery using the phone tracking system.

Avery is at the same restaurant...taking shots. David Reed shows up. Avery acts drunk to get Reed to confess about the Ranger killing. He leaves, drunk. When he gets to his car, Barton is in the backseat and points a gun to Avery's head.

Murtaugh shows up at the restaurant looking for Avery. He confronts David. The waitress shows up and tells Murtaugh that Avery was asking for apple juice. David konws he was tricked. Murtaugh knows he was pretending to be drunk. He calls Riggs, they have a trace on his car. He's at Scorelli's house, the guy Avery framed.

Before Avery gets shot, Riggs and Murtaugh save the day by ramming their car into the front window of the house. Avery is saved. Avery saves Roger's life when Scorelli is going to shoot him by shooting him. Rigggs goes after Barton. They get into a fist fight. Wow. Riggs kicks the guy's ass. He almost shoots him, but arrests him instead.

Samuel comes in to thank Riggs for finding the Ranger's killer. Riggs returns the flask, but Samuel gives it back to Riggs. Samuel wants to apologize to Murtaugh, but he's not around. 

Avery is showing Murtaugh his resignation letter. Murtaugh changes his mind, and wants him to keep it secret because of all the convictions they made together. Avery agrees.

Murtaugh made a bet that he could bowl another perfect game with the deputy from earlier. Murtaugh is nervous, but he starts off with a strike. Trish makes a bet. Riggs ante's it up. Murtaugh admits to Riggs that he didn't bowl a perfect game. It was a near-perfect game. He goes on. It's a perfect strike.  But before he throws the ball he does his little tapping his shoes three times like Dorothy. The whole team is there including Avery, Scorsese and the rest. 





Lethal Weapon
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Lethal Weapon Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Bike cop: You're a cop? Seriously?
Riggs: Funny. I was going to ask you guys the same thing. You know, my father said a man should never wear shorts to work, but if he saw these shorts...you know it's the cut of them. That's what makes them sexy.
Bike cop: Three tickets.

If the bad guys have a car, what do you do, call 911?