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A woman stops a robbery when she shoots one of the robbers n the arm. When he flees, he is hit by a car.

While interviewing, Ruthie, the woman who shot the robber, Riggs causes her trailer to be damaged. She bills him for it, and he has to put her up at a hotel until she's kicked out for skinny dipping in the pool. 

He then takes her into his camper. She tells him that she knows he's sober, and she expresses that she is a recovering drunk as well. 

Riggs feels like he is losing his age when he can't hit all of his targets (alcohol bottles). He talks to Cahill about it briefly and tells her that he shoots bottles to keep himself from drinking them and that he uses self-harm techniques like stabbing himself with safety pins etcetera to keep himself from drinking. 

He wonders if he lost his reflexes so he has her slap him to check. She complies.

The jewelry robber is believed be a setup. They believe that the husband and wife caught in the middle of it are really a case of the husband, Herb, trying to have his wife killed for the insurance money. They try to keep her safe. Roger prevents a bomb from blowing up Allie. He also chases after a suspect at some point, and jumps on the car, riding on the top of it until it slows down.

He feels like he has something to prove after a man mistakes him for Harper's grandfather. He also had that same man rescue him after he gets stuck in a car.

They figure out that the dark web was used to set up the robbery and also the hit on Allie. Bowman and Scorsese explore the dark web.

Trish talks to Roger about being reckless, but he doesn't listen to her.

Ruthie talks to Riggs, and she seems to have an effect on him. He attempts to drink multiple times believing that it will help him gain his edge back, but he can't bring himself to do it because she's there. 

They discover that Allie was the one trying to have her husband killed. There is a shootout at the cabin where she was held up. A little boy tries to go in for his cat. Rog and Riggs take everyone down. Riggs takes down Allie after she steals his gun. He feels like he has his mojo back, and he didn't need a drink to take the shot.

The cabin is soaked in gasoline. When the little boy tries to go into the house to save his cat, Roger stops him and goes in instead. He saves the cat just as the cabin explodes. He's injured. 

At the hospital he regals the team with the tale of his daring move and shows them the tape the boy recorded of it. Trish isn't pleased, however.

They have an argument when they return him, and she makes him sleep on the couch. He refuses to agree to not taking risks anymore. 

Ruthie parks her trailer right next to Riggs at the trailer park.

Lethal Weapon
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Lethal Weapon Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Roger: We're only six years apart. How do you know about the dark web?
Avery: Korean skincare. Certain ointments aren't exactly legal stateside.

Next one goes between the dimples. What? I come prepared.