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A girl is at a club ripping off guys she's serving. Her boyfriend is killed.

Riana tells Roger that her boyfriend may be cheating on her.

The team shows up at the scene. Riggs catches Bailey lifting her sister's necklace. He agrees to give Bailey time to find out what's going on.

Murtaugh teams up with Bowman to check their leads while Bailey teams up with Riggs to investigate her sister. They end up at the same place where there is a shootout.

Bailey is booking her sister. Murtaugh is angry that he didn't know about Bailey's sister. There is a restraining order on Riggs so he calls the bar. There was a flashback to the day of his mom's mom's funeral and him and his dad at a bar.

Jess is used as bait to catch the guy whose wallet was stolen in case he's the killer.She's taken hostage. Riggs is shot and his flask saves his life.

Turns out that Jason worked for the mob which is why they were chasing after him. 

Riana catches Bobby kissing another girl. She's very upset and Murtaugh calls Trish because he doesn't know what to do.

Riggs and Bailey talk about Jess. Riggs is looking for his truck.  He has a flashback.

Jess goes to a carnival and finds a buttload of cash. She shows up at Bailey's place and tells her about the bag of cash.

The bad guys show up and take Bailey and Roger hostage. Riggs is being held by the other brother.

They get out of the situation. Everyone is okay.

Murtaugh tries to comfort Riana when Trish calls and Riana opens up to her.

Riggs is in Cahill's office talking about the letter. 

Riggs visits Murtaugh who has his truck.




Lethal Weapon
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Lethal Weapon Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Nobody leaves here. Riggs broke the DNA.


Murtaugh: You know that rock almost knocked my eye out.
Riggs: How about thank you, that rock saved my life.