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Roger and Trish are concerned that RJ is depressed and are taking him to a therapist.

Riggs has a nightmare about his mother. He's at a store drinking a hangover cure when he loses his mind and crashes a guy's car for being called a loser.

Cahill visits a patient at a mental hospital and he takes her hostage. 

Avery is watching the video of the incident with Riggs. Turns out that the car Riggs destroyed was the mayor of Los Angeles.

Bailey comes in and tells them about a situation. The team heads to an underpass and finds Cahill locked in the trunk and the mental patient dead on the side of the road.

Riggs and Murtaugh go to a bar to question Carl Edwards about Stan Oliver's murder and end up getting into a fight with the entire bar. They take Edwards in for questioning. He gives them another lead.

Cahill is watching Riggs' accident with Torres. Torres gives her an affidavit on Riggs' mental status and whether he should continue working. She confronts Riggs at his office when Bailey comes with another lead, Jose.

Cahill calls Jose and schedules to meet with him. They show up to the meeting place and Jose gets spooked because of Riggs and Murtaugh and takes off. Jose climb a building in construction and Riggs chases after him. The guy falls into a trash container.

Trish and RJ are at the psychiatrist's office waiting for RJ. 

Scorsese wanted Bailey to come down to his office to give her information and had a cheese tray waiting for her but Bowman showed up too and ruined the romantic gesture.

Riggs talks with Cahill in her office. She's drunk and feeling sorry for herself. She thinks she's made him worse. He thinks he's getting better. She passes out. He comes and visits her the next morning. She's hungover and he gives her his hangover cure. 

Murtaugh and Avery suspect the facility's doctor and want to send Riggs to the facility undercover so they stage a ruse to get him admitted. 

Murtaugh tells Cahill the plan after Riggs gets admitted. Riggs finds the drug operation. He gets caught. The doctor is the bad guy but injects Riggs with something before Murtaugh and Cahill get there.  Riggs has a flashback to when he was a kid and his mother commits suicide because of her cancer. He hears the gunshot and finds the body. 

Murtaugh and Cahill get to Riggs and give him adrenaline to counter the drug's effects. 

Lethal Weapon
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