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Riggs is at Miranda's grave, but it's dreamlike. He's having a dream or nightmare. Miranda is trying to convince him to kill himself. He wakes up at molly's place.

Molly is cooking breakfast and they talk about a future together.

Murtaugh thinks his family is throwing him a surprise party for being promoted to captain. Roger still hasn't told Riggs that he was made captain so he drives over to Riggs place. Riggs tells him he's going to have a drawer at Molly's house.

While Roger and Riggs are talking a couple of motorcycles driver up and start shooting with automatic weapons.

Back at the station Scorsese is holding court asking the department who wants to kill Riggs. Captain Avery shows up and Murtaugh fills him in on the details. Riggs isn't too disturbed by someone trying to kill him.

Molly shows up and Riggs tells her what's going on. Molly wants to move back to Texas with Riggs. What an odd conversation to have at the police station.

Murtaugh is on the phone with Trish telling her about what happened with Riggs. Bailey gives Roger info about the case and he and Riggs head out to investigate. Riggs tell Murtaugh about Molly wanting to move to Texas. At the house, Riggs learns that the motorcycle was registered to his dad who is the security for the guy. Guns are drawn. Martin threatens his dad.

Riggs is talking to Cahill. Riggs gets emotional about his father and not killing him when he had the chance.

Nathan tells his boss he wants money to get his other son out of jail. Nathan attacks the man and threatens him.

Bailey tells Riggs that the motorcycle wasn't his dads. Riggs is chasing after some guy on a motorcycle. He learns that Roger was the target, not Riggs.

Trish calls Roger from the office. The kids were at her sister's. She's working late at the office. She hangs up and leaves but Nathan is in her boss's office. He wants access to the money to free his son. He shoots the lawyer and Trish runs.

Roger tells Riggs that he thinks being captain will put him closer to the grave than any bullet. They talk. Riggs doesn't know if he's going to go to Texas. Roger thinks it's because of him and he doesn't want to leave Roger.

Riggs and Murtaugh show up at Trish's place. She's not there. they find the phone with the recording and figure out Nathan took Trish. He has Trish in the car forcing her to make the transfer. She's worried that she's going to be killed after the transfer. Nathan puts a gun to Trish's head when his phone rings. It's Garret who's being held by Riggs and Roger.

They meet by Riggs' trailer. Nathan and Riggs meet to talk about terms. Nathan threatens Ben and Molly.  This is the stupidest season finale ever. We just met Garrett and we're supposed to care or believe anything.

A helicopter shows up to take Nathan and Garrett away. Riggs goes chasing and fights his father. Roger takes off with Trish, stops and goes back to help Riggs. Riggs has a flashback while his father is choking him. Roger shows up just in time. Garrett takes off. Nathan and Riggs start fighting again when Nathan stabs Riggs. The bodyguards are blown up by the grenade in Riggs' trailer that Roger sets off. Riggs hits his dad in the head with a rock and is going to kill him when Roger stops him.

Riggs is in Cahill's office to say goodbye. He's moving to Texas with Molly.

He shows up at Roger's house and they throw him a surprise goodbye party with everybody there. Riggs leaves with saying goodbye only t Trish. Roger comes out and is upset he's not saying goodbye to him. Riggs thanks Riggs thanks Roger for saving his life -- not from earlier in the day but for all time.

Riggs goes to the cemetery before heading to Molly's to pack up.When he turns around Garrett shows up and shoots him.





Lethal Weapon
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Lethal Weapon Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

Apparently my Texas charm doesn't translate here in Los Angeles.


Molly: Wow. Any mention of a future together and you freeze up.
Riggs: I'm not freezing up. This is just my posture.