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Sunday's episode of Leverage, "The Boost Job," offered another decent filler episode. Thankfully, it did not have as many holes in the story as last week, so it was a little better.

Sadly, like last week it also did not advance any of the bigger story elements about the mysterious Italian woman or the team being blackmailed forward.

Allow me to start by saying I loved that we got to see a little bit of Parker’s history this week with learning she was a car thief at one point and a get-away driver before that.

The flashback of her driving at eleven or twelve was one of the funnier flashbacks we have gotten on any of the team. I also adored the fact that Parker was trying to do the right thing by warning Josie to stay away from the car theft ring.

You could tell Parker saw a lot of herself in Josie, and wanted Josie to have the chance she didn’t at that age. I think this was a big moment for Parker as the team has become her moral compass, and she was doing what Nate would have done.

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Clearly Nate recognized this as well. I was really hoping we were going to be getting some new younger blood on the team with Josie coming to work with Nate and the gang. It worked on Warehouse 13 when they brought Claudia in, so why not, right?

Sadly, no, she is off to be a gardener. 

I have really enjoyed the list of superstars that have shown up so far this season. John Schneider, Richard Chamberlain and now Bill Engvall, my hat is off to the production team for the big name guest stars they have brought in. Bill Engvall was great as a retired race car driver. His accent and southern charm really worked for the character.

While I did mention that this week did not have as many holes in as last week, there are a few I need to bring up just for my own peace of mind:

  • Where did they get a car carrier from? I understand they most likely “borrowed” it from somewhere but it would have been nice to at least have mentioned where they got it from. It is not like you can go to U-haul and rent a car carrier.
  • Loading stolen cars from the country club, *at* the country club? Seriously, this one really bugged me. The cars they stole are all from cops and they were loading them up in the driveway of the country club they stole them from. You mean to tell me nobody coming or going noticed this going on?
  • What car hit Eliot? What was the car that hit Eliot and knocked him into the water? Was it one of the car thieves? Was a by standard? They never even went back to the car. Just “bang, into the drink” and then car is in background.  It looked like the same car that Josie was driving when she pulled up into the same spot. So I was really confused. Did they reuse the scene to fill in how he got in the water or what?

I am really hoping that the last two weeks of filler episodes are not the trend we are going to see for Leverage. This week was better, but it was not of the caliber we had been seeing prior to that. This show had prided itself on always revealing how they pulled off impossible jobs. These last two seem to have out tricked themselves as they left many questions unanswered. 

What did you think of the episode? Did you like Parker having a protégé? Do you think Nate should have kept Josie around? Comment below, we love to know what you think

Some Leverage quotes from last night ...

Eliot: I got hit by a car!
Parker: (mocking) "I got hit by a car" ... Get over it! | permalink
Parker: We have to convince them that they need us. It will be tough, and they might shoot you a little. | permalink
Hardison: How is this car going to get Lefty's attention?
Parker: You bring a car like this to a local chop-shop, they all know a new player is in town. Besides this is Lefty's car. | permalink
Sophie: Do you know why driving this car is like making love to a beautiful woman?
Customer: Because I have never done either? | permalink
Nate: That was hotter than Mr Toad's wild ride. | permalink
Penzer: You want to buy Veronica here?
Nate: Veronica? I thought Betty was the fast one. | permalink

The Boost Job Review

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Leverage Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Penzer: You want to buy Veronica here?
Nate: Veronica? I thought Betty was the fast one.

That was hotter than Mr Toad's wild ride.