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A zombie attacks Bo at home when she's try to mend her relationship with Kenzi. Acacia shows up and kills the zombie. Massimo gave her a new hand. Bo, Acacia and Tamsin search for the person controlling the zombies. Acacia believes it's the missing Rainer, but Bo doesn't buy that he's bad.

It turns out to be Laveau. She uses the zombies to get to Bo in order to procure the Una Mens seed. Bo doesn't have it and kills Laveau. 

Hale brings Kenzi's mother to town because he wants to get permission to propose. Hale proposes but it's interrupted by a phone call. Kenzi doesn't say yes, but does want to be with him. She's attacked by a not-dead Massimo. Hale shows up and kills Massimo to protect Kensi. Then Massimo rises and stabs Hale with a sword.

Massimo survived the lava pit and Hale's attack because of the Twig that Kenzi gave him as payment for her powers. Kenzi's devastated and feels responsible for Hale's death. Bo shows up and Kenzi begs her to revive Hale, but she doesn't have the chi necessary.

Lost Girl
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