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Kenzi is crushed at Hale's funeral and doesn't get the support from Bo that she expects. She goes through her friends to get help in making Massimo pay for killing her love. She resorts to recruiting Vex to help her. He agrees, though turns on her to help Massimo escape. It turns out that Vex raised Massimo. Massimo refuses Vex's offer and turns to his mother ... Evony.

Lauren goes to Evony and gets her in bed. The doctor uses a serum to turn Evony human during their sexual encounter. When Massimo shows up he's happy his mother's human like him. He kidnaps Lauren and then swallows the seed.

Bo questions her role in the prophecy foretold by an order of knights. She's told she's "the Queen" and that she needs to marry Rainer to prevent the curse's fail safe from killing him. She follows through and her protector turns on them. She says now that Bo's father will be raised from Hel.

Lost Girl
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