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With Kenzi gone, Bo is left to entertain herself. She is starting with a little redecorating. While painting, she is interrupted by Dyson who wants a little morning action. He emphasizes their "no strings" policy but she is distracted and can't seem to get in the mood.

Meanwhile at The Dal, Trick is in the middle of fae karaoke night. A patron gets into an argument and something resembling a fish is slipped into his drink. He notices it before drinking it by freezing the glass and its content.

Dyson and Lauren are at the morgue talking about the recent elevator crash which resulted in 4 deaths: 3 human and one fae. None of the bodies are bruised or appear to have suffered any physical injury. When Lauren's phone rings, Dyson realizes that she is receiving death threats for making the Morrigan human. 

Back at their apartment, Tamsin has attempted creating a snack for Bo, although the canned cheese isn't cutting it. Bo, hoping to take her mind off her low sex drive, suggests they go out.

Tamsin and Bo are invited to North of the Border by the gentleman whose life was threatened earlier at the Dal. Turns out he is a fae Japanese warrior Musashi. They learn this after waking up hungover and finding him sitting by their bed. 

He is being targeted by assassins and recruits them as his bodyguards. Apparently, he is set to ascend to become the king of his anscestors and someone is trying to stop this from happening. 

At the boxing gym, Lauren approaches Dyson with a request for him to teach her to fight. 

Tamsin and Bo are also fighting when Musashi is attacked by bounty hunter Tak'o. When Tak'o realizes who Musashi is, he stops and falls on his own sword by way of seppuku. 

Bo is injured in this battle and requires stitches, still unable to feed. She consults Trick on whether this phenomenon ever impacted Aife. They have an awkward birds and the bees talk.

Tamsin and Bo target Craig, Musashi's brother who is next to ascend, but it is revealed that the hit was actually put out by his sister Tomoe. Not because she wanted him dead, but because if he ascends under false pretenses he will end up an Akaname, which appears as some sort of toilet fae. 

At the ascending, it is revealed that Tomoe is in fact the true exalted one, not Musashi. Musashi took credit for her heroic actions in battle all those years ago.

In anger, Musashi stabs Bo, nearly killing her. She ends up in the hospital hooked up to machines and not doing well. Tamsin is angry and unplugs the machines, telling Bo to leave. Her aggression causes Bo to face what has been bothering her: the fear that she will lose all the people that she loves. They each reassure her that they aren't going anywhere and her sex drive and ability to feed return. She orders everyone out, except Dyson.

As they have sex, Tamsin and Lauren sit outside the door exchanging pleasantries. 

An attempt is made on Lauren's life, but the skills she learned from Dyson come in handy and she is able to disable her attacker with a syringe full of Ketamine. 

Meanwhile, the fae body from the morgue comes to life. It seems whoever is inhabiting the body is new to it and clearly evil. She kills Lauren's assistant before touching up her lipstick.

The episode ends with Bo, Dyson, Lauren and Tamsin enjoying a movie night, a short reprieve from the drama sure to come!

Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Musashi: A fail-safe assassin has been tapped to kill me.
Tamsin: That sucks. Looks like you need a bodyguard.
Musashi: It's a good thing I already have two.

Bo: What's next, you going to teach me to shoot pool?
Dyson: I don't think we've ever used a pool table to shoot pool.