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After Tamsin leaves Bo in the lurch to get laid, a mysterious young man is anxiously awaiting a ride out of town. He meets a woman Maggie, but as they are talking about her singing aspirations, she is shot and killed. 

The boy Mark makes his way to Bo and Tamsin's apartment after finding their ad for PI services. The two roommates disagree on how to handle him. Bo finds him familiar and wants to help, while Tamsin is skeptical and thinks he is trouble.

Meanwhile, Lauren visits a human Evony who has taken up gold digging. Evony knows about the bodies at the clinic and is also inquisitive about Lauren's progress in finding a serum to return her to Fae. 

After Mark robs them and runs away, Bo and Tamsin pursue him. Bo is shot in the process and Tamsin kisses her to provide healing Chi.

Trick is approached outside the Dal by two men trying to rob him. An unexpected source comes to his aid. It's Vex! 

Trick bring Vex to Dyson to look after, claiming that it's because Dyson will have no problem killing him if he isn't on the level.

When Bo won't heal, a drop-in by Lauren is perfectly timed. She is able to extract a Kryptonite-like substance from her wound, which is preventing it from healing. 

Mark doesn't know what kind of Fae he is, but has been hunted since he was a boy and his mother was killed. Bo and Tamsin lure the Hunter with Lauren's help and capture him. He insists that Mark is responsible for the death of his family. 

Dyson is investigating the murder of three people and consults with Lauren about it at the clinic. Vex follows and they have a confrontation about Hale's death. After they finish, the three comes to the realization that the victims symbolized a pig (cop), a bull (prison guard) and a goat (a snitch in a Russian prison). The murders are thought to be the ritualistic killings of a Fae cult.

As Dyson and Vex make their way to an apartment where the murderous Fae inhabiting the woman's body from the elevator incident is residing, Dyson is summoned by Bo to help with Mark.

Once at the clinic, Dyson realizes that Mark is a shifter who has not shifted yet. He stops Mark from killing the Hunter. It turns out Mark is Dyson's son, but Mark is upset with his father and doesn't want his help. 

Dyson plans on letting the Hunter live, but sets a trap with Vex to test whether the Hunter will keep his word and stop pursuing Mark. When he is shown that the Hunter will not stop, he kills him.

Evony shows up at the clinic with an insurance policy to ensure that Lauren completes the serum. 

Tamsin confides in Bo about why she was so skeptical of Mark – he reminded her of herself. Bo reassures Tamsin that they will be okay.




Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Tamsin: And the Oscar goes to...
Lauren: 12 Years a Babe

Lauren: Did you know that the bone in this knife dates back to the Mesopotamian era of Ancient Greece?
Bo: How would I?
Lauren: Uh, carbon dating?