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Louie finishes up a set at the Improv and is invited on to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The show’s lead guest, Tom Cruise, backs out so Louie must go in his place. His extended set ends up going viral online to the tune of 1 million hits. Louie’s agent informs him that he has a meeting with the Chairman of CBS. At this meeting, the Chairman tells Louie and Doug that David Letterman is retiring and offers Louie the job

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Louie Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

You have to do research. You have to go on Amazon and read a really long review written by an insane person... who's been dead for months because he shot his wife and then himself after explaining to you that the remote is counterintuitive. It's got really small buttons on the remote he said before he murder-suicided his whole family.

Louie [on consumerism being a job]

Louie [on when Afghanistan kids find out about war] They find out. They find out when they ask, "How come Uncle Henry's head is gone now?"