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At a dock warehouse, a truck is removing a container. Meanwhile, Lucifer is at the Lux playing the piano and singing.

When a security officer questions why the container, which happens to belong to Lucifer, is being removed, he is killed.

Chloe questions Trixie about eating chocolate cake. Trixie denies doing it even though she has chocolate cake all over her face. Chloe turns it over to Dan, and Trixie admits what she did.

Chloe receives a phone call about the murder and admonishes Dan for not coming to the planned Taco Tuesday because of work.

Maze brings Lucifer a couple of girls, but he declines because there is a murder to solve with Chloe. Maze is not happy.

Lucifer meets Chloe at the warehouse. After she explains details about the case, he decides to leave because it's another boring murder case.

He returns to the Lux, but the girls are gone. Maze tells him that it was THE container that was stolen from the warehouse.

At first Lucifer is nonchalant about it, but once she tells him his reputation is on the line, he becomes more concerned about the theft.

Lucifer returns to the crime scene and tells Chloe he's back on the case and about the stolen container.

At the beach, he confronts a snow cone guy who runs the warehouse. He tells them about the Los Diablos biker gang who controls the docks.

Chloe asks about the container. Lucifer only tells her it was a gift from his father. She kicks him off the case, calls Dan and tells him what's going on. Dan is going to investigate Lucifer's club.

Dan shows up at the Lux. Only Maze is there. He asks for the books. She tries to seduce him, then knocks him out.

Lucifer is talking to Dr. Martin about his identity, but he gets angry and storms off.

Amenadiel shows up. He overheard their discussion and offers his assistance if she needs to talk.

Dan wakes up in Chloe's bed, naked. He makes a trade with Trixie to bring him clothes for cake. He storms into the Lux with pink workout outfit on and threatens to arrest Maze. Maze explains that she wanted Dan and Chloe back together so Lucifer would stop his fascination with Chloe. He leaves after she threatens him back.

Lucifer shows up when Chloe is about to go to the biker club. He apologizes, and she lets him back in on the case. 

Inside the bar, he turns off the jukebox and demands to know who stole his stuff. Renny approaches him, but Chloe takes him down. Cutter, the leader, takes them into his office. He's questioned, but doesn't offer up any leads. However, Chloe suspects he knows something and they decide to watch the bar.

Sure enough, Cutter leaves and they follow him.

Amenadiel is with Dr. Martin discussing Lucifer's case. Amenadiel offers some information and suggestions on how to get into Lucifer's head.

Chloe and Lucifer are waiting by the docks where Cutter is waiting for someone. When Chloe tells him she enjoys working with him and doesn't want to have to arrest him because something illegal might be in the stolen container,  Lucifer tells her that the container holds dolls.

Renny shows up and shoots Cutter. While Chloe goes to Renny's aid, Lucifer takes the car and chases after Renny.

Lucifer catches up with Renny. He says he knows what was in the container, but won't reveal who ordered him to steal the contents. Lucifer flashes his evil face and Renny jumps off the roof.

Lucifer is angry. Chloe is concerned. She tells him the container has been found.

He opens it and there is an old trunk full of Russian dolls in it. No contraband. Chloe is a little disappointed, but a lot relieved. Once she's gone, he opens a secret compartment which is empty.

Lucifer is back at Dr. Martin's office. She uses the information Amenadiel gave her, including calling Lucifer Samael and that he can rise. Lucifer is furious and punches the wall proclaiming that he can't rise.

Back at the Lux, he tells Maze that his wings are gone. His wings are shown being stored somewhere.



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Lucifer Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

I am amazed at the deferential respect you people have for rotting flesh.


What unpleasantness felled this heap of unrealized ambition?