Party on - Lucifer Season 1 Episode 7
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Maze catches the eye of Sergei and takes him to the private pool where she tries to drown him in hopes he might give information about who stole Lucifer's wings. No such luck. Lucifer tells Maze to let the guy go. 

Dan asks Chloe to drop the Palmetto investigation, because Malcom's family is pulling the plug. He gives her 24 hours to find what she can.

Lucifer visits to ask her what she does when she's stuck on a case. She gives her advice and he seeks out Amenadiel. He asks Amenadiel for help in finding his wings. Amenadiel refuses.

Lucifer goes back to Chloe to help with the Palmetto case, but she already enlisted Dan. Instead of shooing him away, she takes both of them to the scene to re-enact what she saw.

Dan gets a call about Lucifer's wings. Chloe had put an APB out on them. Lucifer is surprised. She and Lucifer go to the FBI to find out where the wings are. He learns the FBI is going to raid the auction house, and he can have his wings back in 30 days.

Lucifer decides to visit the auction house. Amenadiel shows up. Lucifer tries to bribe the guard, but it's a no go. He flashes his coin to the camera and they let him in. He tells the auctioneer, Carmen, that he's not selling the coin, he just wants his wings back. 

Chloe and Dan are at the hospital where Malcolm is. Dan took her there to try to convince her to drop the case. Malcolm's wife sees her there and berates her for coming.

Carmen's men pull out their guns. Amenadiel wants to fight, but Lucifer knows he's susceptible to guns so tells Carmen he's willing to pay for the wings. Carmen lets them into the auction.

Lucifer tells Amenadiel about his pending mortality. Amenadiel tells him if he dies he goes back to Hell anyway.

At the auction they are selling religious artifacts.

Amenadiel and Lucifer makes jokes about St. Paul's chains. Chloe shows up to warn them about the impending raid. She and Amenadiel flirt. Carmen brings out the wings, but the FBI storms the place.

Carmen and his men disappear through a secret door, which lights up the bulb in Chloe's head regarding Palmetto. Amenadiel slows down time so Lucifer can get his wings. They are fake.

Lucifer is angry. Chloe wants to go back to Palmetto, but Lucifer refuses. They have a fight.

Chloe goes back to Palmetto with Dan and discovers a secret door in the floor which might explain how Malcolm got shot. It leads to a secret passageway that leads to the street. They find a key on the floor that belongs to the LAPD.

Lucifer visits Carmen at home and finds his wings. Carmen tells him he didn't steal the wings. He was just tipped off.

Lucifer is on the beach with his wings. Amenadiel shows up. It was Amenadiel who arranged for the wings to be stolen. Lucifer sets his wings on fire. The two fight. Amenadiel vows he'll do whatever it takes to send Lucier back to Hell.

Lucifer is playing piano at the Lux. He tells Maze they are stuck in LA. Maze professes her loyalty. Chloe shows up and she and Lucifer make up. Maze has one of Lucifer's wing feathers in a small silver box.

At the hospital, Malcolm's plug is pulled and his monitor flatlines, but Amenadiel is outside watching. He touches the glass and the monitor starts back up with a heartbeat. Malcolm lives as Amenadiel walks off.

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Lucifer Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

I am with you, Lucifer, from now until the end. We're a team.


In case I haven't made myself abundantly clear, I'm not going back to Hell.