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Lucifer and Chloe are investigating the possible murder of a restaurant chef who collapsed at a grocery store.

They visit Pops' restaurant. Lucifer becomes interested in the case because it may be patricide. Chloe's mom, Penelope Decker, comes to visit her at the restaurant. She invites Lucifer for a family dinner.

Lucifer and Chloe are questioning workers from Pops' restaurant. Apparently, the guy had a temper.

Lucifer learns that Javier's son and himself have a lot of daddy issues in common.

Maze is visiting Dr. Martin. Martin is a bit uncomfortable, but Maze insists. She's looking for help to be more normal. She doesn't understand how therapy works and tries to sleep with her which Martin stops immediately.

Malcolm and Dan are driving. Malcolm is really enjoying his food. Malcolm tells him he's going to kill Lucifer.

Chloe and Lucifer visit Ann Martin, the sous chef, who was meant to take over the restaurant. Turns out heroin and mercury killed the chef.

Ann gets sick and barfs blood on Lucifer before passing out.

Dan shows up with some evidence. Chloe invites Dan to the family dinner.

Lucifer and Chloe visit the girl Dan left information about. Turns out Javier, Jr is staying with the girl. Chloe agrees to go through the place without a warrant, because Lucifer already started snooping.

Lucifer wants Javier, Jr., to be the killer and is looking for any evidence to prove his point. Chloe complains about her mother and what is was like growing up with her.

Chloe finds a hidden stash of heroin, when the girl walks in. They question her. The girl wanted to make peace with Javier, but Javier wouldn't accept her and his son's relationship.

Chloe gets a phone call and takes off without Lucifer. She rushes home to find Penelope preparing Trixie for an audition. Chloe is not happy.

While Chloe is arguing with her mother, Trixie disappears. Trixie ordered a ride and took off to the Lux to talk to Lucifer. Lucifer isn't there, but she sits at the bar and talks with Maze. Maze pours her a drink. They talk and share a moment about zookeeping.

Chloe shows up to take her home and is thankful to Maze, but Maze still doesn't like her.

Lucifer is waiting for Junior at the girl's place. He wants to know how it feels to kill his dad. Did the act give him feelings of freedom? Junior denies killing his dad, and Lucifer finally believes him.

Chloe and Trixie return home. Dan shows up. Lucifer and Junior are there. They are cooking dinner.

Chloe is not thrilled that Junior is cooking since he is a suspect for murder by poison. Dan sends Trixe to bed with a chocolate cake. Chloe prevents them all from eating. Lucifer tells him everything going on. His honesty is on full display

Junior talks about how he fought with his dad. Chloe tells him he still needs to go in for questioning. Dan takes him in.

After some careful deductions, Chloe determines that Junior isn't the killer, but Ann Martin is.

They find her at the restaurant. She wanted to kill Junior, not Javier. She knocks over a vat of grease and sets fire to it, trapping Lucifer and Chloe inside.

Lucifer carries Chloe out, but gets burned in the process. The restaurant burns. Junior is upset, and Chloe tells him that his dad was going to leave him the restaurant.

Maze visits Dr. Martin to tell her she made a friend. She invites Dr. Martin out for a drink.

Chloe returns home. Her mom is leaving in the morning. They have a conversation and make amends.

Dan meets with Malcolm to tell him he agrees with Malcolm about Lucifer, but says he's not going to let him kill the guy. Malcolm gains the upper hand and chokes Dan. It's unclear whether Dan is dead or just unconscious.

Dan gets a text from Chloe. Malcolm answers it.

Chloe shows up at the Lux, drunk. She's upset Dan broke up with her over text. She tries to kiss Lucifer, but he avoids it. Chloe falls asleep in his arms.







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Lucifer Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Honey, your new friend is so delicious.

Penelope Decker

Don't let your daddy issues cloud your judgment.